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  1. I boot up on PXE, choose a TS, it tries to resolve the TS, and then gets the error.
  2. Hi Over the last couple of days, we've had a problem with out SCCM 2012. Whenever we try to deploy a OS TS, it gives a error saying: "An error occurred while starting the task sequence (0x8007000E). For more information, contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator." When trying to pinpoint the start of this error, it seems as the error started on the same time as we imported some new drivers (that however, were not put into the boot image), and on the same time as we deployed a software update package to "All Systems". It seems, that if I delete the advertisement, that s
  3. Hi We're currently using SCCM 2007, and for the most part I'm administering it. However, I have very little no knowledge in regards of scripting, and I see it would be a huge advantage when deploying all kinds of software. I get by, by finding scripts online and testing and trying to manipulate as best as I can. Now I'm planing to learn some scripting language, but not sure what language would be most suitable. Most people seem to use javascripts, but powershell seems to be far more powerful. Is there any reason to learn Javascript now instead of powershell ? We are only using w
  4. I'm defnetly no expert in regards of SCCM reports, so the report I'm looking for, might already exists .. . if it does, please tell me the name. If not, could someone please guide me in the direction, of how I could have it made?? When I try to deploy a package to a relative small number of computers (for example 50 computers), it would be nice to be able to see a report, showing the status of all the computers (that are supposed to get the package now. The report "Status of a specific advertisement", is pretty close to what I think would be suitable. It's just that it will show the status o
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