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  1. Hi there, I did use your xml notepad tutorial to push a application. But I replaced the xml notepad installer for my firefox installer (It's both msi). After I did that I did push it on a client. When software center came with the message that new applications were available I tried to install it and then I got a failure (See the attachment). After that I did try to follow your tutorial completly even with xml notepad and so on but I got the same error. Any idea how to fix it? Thanks in advance. .
  2. Hi there, I get the same error as latiron. But I tried to install firefox instead.. Is there a way to solve this problem ? Yours, MasterGamer.
  3. Hello, I got a problem, after I did everything and I started to PXE boot the system, it get the "no boot filename received" error. when I look in my SMS boot I dont see anything in it.. I hope to hear soon from you! thx in advance
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