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  1. Ok, thanks for all of your help.
  2. Does anybody know where I can download mdop 2012 R2 without going to subscriptions for msdn or technet?
  3. Ok, I got the problem resolved. I had to login to the sccm server as the Domain\administrator account. Then go to start, all programs, SQL 2008, configuration tools, Reporting Services config manager: Then connect to the database, then you go to the database tab on the left panel and click on change database, I changed mine to ReportServer2, then Report server mode is native; For credentials I used service account=LocalSystem; It will then create the database. I logged off and logged back in as smsadmin and followed the steps to create the reporting services point roll and YES it works now. If
  4. Not that I know of, i have followed it step by step, this is the only major problem I have had, and I would really like for this part to work so i can finish the lab, so i can start adding some other Systems Center products to my lab. Your documentation is outstanding, but I don't know what is going on with this Reporting Service Point role. I really don't want to start this lab all over again :(
  5. Intially when installing the Report Services Point role, it could not find the Report Services server instance name, but I restarted the server and it found the RSinstance name. After the completing the role, i checked the logs and it says: indicates that the Reporting Services point was successfully installed. , but 15 seconds later it gives me this error: "The report server service is not running on Reporting Service Point Server; start the service to enable reporting" I have been troubleshooting for an entire day, but still stuck in the mud. Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated,
  6. I have restarted the server about 3 times, still not working!!! When i try to run internet explorer, I get this error message: The report server has encountered a configuration error. (rsServerConfigurationError) Get Online Help Home
  7. i am getting the error: "The report server service is not running on Reporting Service Point Server; start the service to enable reporting". i have made sure the SQL server reporting services are running, does anyone know what the problem could be?
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