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  1. Select the existing package that you have associated with the software group you want for deploying windows 10
  2. I have successfully been able to perform a build and capture using a mdt 2010 integrated TS with sccm 2007. I have also deployed the reference image with no issues using a MDT TS. I verified that I was able to migrate xp to win 7 with usmt to using hardlinks and to a smp successfully. I am now trying to migrate a windows xp workstation to Windows 7 and capture the data to a unc path located on a local file server using again a MDT TS in sccm 2007. Reason being the XP drives are enrypted with Pointsec so we must do a format making hard link out of the question. SMP is not option well lets just say they wont let us do it. So I'm stuck with the UNC path. After the TS is created I go to my customsettings.ini and include the following settings for usmt. The TS runs but the data is still being migrate to the SMP??? If I remove the SMP the TS bombs out. Here are my settings specified in the customsetttings.ini. By the way no deployment share was created and I verified the customstting.ini file is located on the DP. Any help would be appreciated ========================================== [settings] Priority=Default Properties=MyCustomProperty [Default] OSInstall=Y SkipAppsOnUpgrade=YES SkipCapture=Yes SkipAdminPassword=YES SkipProductKey=YES ScanStateArgs=/o /c LoadStateArgs=/c UserDataLocation=NETWORK UDDShare=\\WINSERV\USMT UDDir=%computername% USMTMigFiles1=MigApp.xml USMTMigFiles2=MigUser.xml
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