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  1. Hello everyone, Here is my situation. I have a Windows XP in DOM A and SCCM A on which I am advertising a task sequence to deploy W7 and join DOM B with SCCM B. The migration/deployment scenario works great, no problem on that. My first steps that are done online (not in WinPE) are the following on the XP machine: -Backup of user settings with USMT -Backup of user data with Robocopy -Change the name of the computer locally/AD with a vbscript that also set the OSDComputerName variable with the new value -Restart on Windows (to validate the renaming) -Restart in WinPE and go on with the classic deployment (Format, dl of the .wim ...) The thing is that everytime, once the machine is in the new AD and SCCM it still has its old computername. Even though the script changed successfully the name of the computer in the AD and locally of the XP. So I am wondering if this is possible to set the OSDComputerName out of WinPE? And if yes am I doing it right? Here is the part of my script where I set the variable: dim env SET env = CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment") env("OSDComputerName") = NewComputerName Where the variable NewComputerName is a variable set before with the new computer name (and it works as it changes the value in the AD). The script is run with an account that as domain admin privileges in DOM A and full access on a DFS in DOM B where the script and a csv file containing all the new values are stored. So, what is wrong?? THank you a lot, I have been trying to fix this for days !!
  2. Hello everyone, I am facing a particular scenario of deployment here and I would like to have your knowledge on this. Here is what I got: One Windows XP laptop must be upgraded to Windows 7 in Zero Touch. (it's simple here, a classic REFRESH scenario). The laptop while running XP is in a domain A and needs to be in domain B when running Windows 7. Two SCCM 2007 R3 servers are playing a role here. One in domain A and one in domain B. Domain A and B have a full trust relationship. User profile data need to be saved with USMT and restore at the end The sooner the SCCM in domain B handles the deployment, the better in order to have a full lifecycle deployment on it. Where this seems to be hard is we have to stay in Zero Touch. My problem is I do not know how or when is the best moment to do the change of SCCM server and domain in order to keep this fluent and zero touch. If you could recommend me the steps of the migration to do this that would help a lot. Thanks a lot for your help and advices, very much appreciated
  3. Well I am kind of new with this but here is the environment; -The SCCM 2007 is installed in the same domain as the workstations that will be migrated (wks have the SCCM 2007 client installed). -SCCM 2012 will be in a "test" tree (at the same level of AD as the domain of the SCCM 2007). -We need to use USMT to backup all users data before the migration. In the end workstations will have a new OS and a new domain. So that the solution I had in mind but if I don't see something easier in order to have it, please let me know As I said I am kind of new with all of this! For instance if SCCM 2012 (while being in a different forest tree) can backup everything using USMT on WKS with SCCM 2007 clients installed in a different tree of the forest, then I do not see an objection. Thanks
  4. This manipulation will be done once the product will be RTM but I would like to do it before in my lab with the RC version of it. Thanks
  5. Hello guys, This request is kind of special but this is due to the migration we are doing. In fact we are in an environment where two Active Directory trees are presents, one with SCCM 2007 the other with SCCM 2012. The thing is during the migration, the workstation has to change its domain to the one with SCCM 2012. However, my problem is that I need to boot in Windows PE from the SCCM 2007, then download the WIM image and the SCCM client from the SCCM 2012. Is there a way to do that? I think I basically need a script to change "the environment" during the Task Sequence. Thanks a lot If I wasn't clear enough, please do feel free to ask me questions.
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