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  1. I'm new to sccm, i installed using tutorial on this website. I tried to push "firefox". Able to copy packages to DP ( distmgr.log ) . But package is not getting reflected in Client. How to check the issue and how to resolve it. Please help. I have selected the right collection and selected "this runs on all platform". boundary is also set. how to check further??
  2. Make sure of two things 1.SCCM server login has access to the package folder. 2.add Remote differential compression ( i dont know how this help, but it worked for me ) Gathered this from some other website. Give it a try.
  3. I unchecked that option.. but dint help.. still gettin same error. Please assist.
  4. Googled complete, still not getting rid of this error. Please help. Failed to send HTTP request. (Error at WinHttpSendRequest: 12029) ccmsetup 2/19/2012 2:55:23 AM 3740 (0x0E9C) Can't connect to or retrieve file: http://bug.com/CCM_Client/ccmsetup.cab. Will attempt a retry... ccmsetup 2/19/2012 2:55:23 AM 3740 (0x0E9C)
  5. Still not able to push clients. Clearly followed all suggestions and steps given in this forum. No luck, am i missing something.??
  6. I did all the above steps. Nothing helped. Still not able to push Client on windows xp machine.
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