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  1. Is there an easy (automated) way to remove software from a user/computer when removing that object from a collection?
  2. I'm negotiating this with our Sys-Admin... I'll send you a DM with the credentials and address when we're prepared....
  3. Yes, i've tried mdt and non-mdt tasksequences... It's the RC. version id: 5.0.7703.0
  4. No, still looks the same, the tasksequence seems to come to a grinding halt after use toolkit package. Do you need the log file for this try? I've checked the partitions... They're created as specified in the Task Sequence.I've disabled all "use toolkit package" entries in the TS, to see what happens... but still no success.. :-(
  5. Hi Niall, After twittering with you this weekend about the disapointing rate of success, deploying windows 2008 r2 sp1 and windows 7 with SCCM2012, hereby the story.... We've tried different approaches with multiple task sequences, standard, custom and mdt ones but still get nowhere near a solution. We just keep getting an error code, which in 2007 meant that there was something wrong with the partitions in your tasksequence. Our lab currently looks like this: A Hyper-V host with DFS on which our data (packages, images, sccm packages) are placed. This is a dc. A VM (dc) with SCCM installed according to your spec's (Thanks again for the step by step guide) 2 VM's for deployment purposes Hope you can help solve our issues, there are 3 (!!) error logs below... We have the feeling that we're already close, but are just overlooking a small piece of the puzzle. When you need to logon to our test-environment, please let me know, so I can provide you with the proper credentials. Basic Image Win2k8.log Create and deploy reference image.log Windows 7 basic image.log Thanks again for your help in advance, and on solving our (small) issue, I'll buy you a dutch beer during Tech-Ed this summer! Kind Regards, Bert Wolters
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