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  1. Thanks, Devtrends! I did 2 changes: Set the option you suggest about "When no local distribution point is available, use a remote distribution point." and also I set Full Control NTFS permission to the "Local Service" account to the folder set as the backup/restore folder. Then it all began working. As I did 2 changes, I am not sure if both are needed or just 1 of them, but anyway, this solved it and I don't want to touch now to re-test. Regards, Jose Angel Rivera
  2. Also about the error code: 0x8004005 I had an issue in which the MP was not being discovered. This was because some person deleted the Site's information, as he deleted the contents of the "System Management" OU. So, to solve it, in my case that I didn't have a fast way to recover the items, I just re-created the SCCM boot media and this time I didn't use the "Dynamic" mode to do the discovery. After the media had the fixed information, I had no problems and the Task Sequence ran nicely.
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