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  1. So the only limitation of not Using X64 is I wont be able to deploy x64 bit applications in TS ? Which Brings me to my second question.... Is it possible to make a boot image for eg. Hirens Boot CD, for booting of the network... I know this was possible with WDS but have not been able to figure it out with SCCM...
  2. *More Info.... i have 2 OSD Sequences windows7x86 & Windows7x64.. I have deployed these task sequences to All Systems Group.... I think thats what it was Pushing the x64 Boot Image. 90% of my deployments are x86 though. So is there a way to force the x86 boot image while still having the X64 boot image active for when i need it... I also have a Dell utility boot image (full of tools like Memtest etc...), is there a was we can us this (possible a task sequence) so we can network boot to run diagnostics..
  3. HI all.. I have sccm 2012 running etc working fine... But for some reason it is booting of x64 boot image, which means when I do an OS deployment task (os is x86) it hast to copy the x86 boot image to the client reboot and then deploy OS.. Is there a way I can choose to boot x86 ? I am specifying WDSNBP in my DHCP... It was working fine before but now for some reason SCCM always decides to boot from X64 boot image ?
  4. issue resolved. First i was looking at the wrong log files. Correct log was in x:\windows\Temp when i saw the i log i found out that there was a Problem with Network access account. So i fixed NTFS permissions and re added the account in software distribution settings and tested the settings using the verify button...
  5. HI all.. I had my SCCM server running Fine but now it is throwing 0x80070002 error when applying the OS IMage... I have attached the SMSTS.log file which i pulled from the client after it failed... I cant find any errors in the Log FILE... smsts.log
  6. Hello all i have setup SCCM 2007 r3 in my Lab enviroment. I can get the software Deployment Working. I have Enabled Software Distrobution point, made the package and created the advertisement .. I have also made a small video of my Setup for show you where the problem is... My windows 7 client just sits there does nothing. Which logs can I check.to help me fin the problem... VIDEO http://youtu.be/WCpYlKntSvI
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