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  1. Recently setup Intune with SCCM integration. Now I would like to setup device collections based what division of the company that the device works for. Looking for some help on creating a query to sort the devices registered in Intune into device collections based on an ad group that the device owner is a member of. Example. User A is a member of AD Group - Company A. User's A's mobile device should be in collection A User B is a member of AD Group - Company B. User's B's mobile device should be in collection B
  2. I am using SCEP and already have alerting setup. Most of the alerts that I receive require no further action since SCEP deleted it. On rare occasion, there will be something detected that SCEP fails to handle automatically. Is there a way to create a custom alert that will only be triggered when this condition occurs?
  3. NOTE: Cross posted to Technet Forums I have used the Dell Client Integration Pack to import warranty data into SCCM. I imported their Warranty report which gives me information on all Dell systems in the database. How can I go about limiting this report to return data only from a specific collection? SELECT v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.Name0 AS Name, DellWarrantyInformation.Service_Tag AS [serial Number], DellWarrantyInformation.Build, DellWarrantyInformation.Region, DellWarrantyInformation.LOB AS [Line of Business], DellWarrantyInformation.System_Model AS [system Model], CONVERT(varchar, DellWarrantyInformation.Ship_Date, 101) AS [Dell Ship Date], DellWarrantyInformation.Service_Level_Code AS [service Level Code], DellWarrantyInformation.Service_Level_Description AS [service Level Description], DellWarrantyInformation.Provider, CONVERT(varchar, DellWarrantyInformation.Start_Date, 101) AS [Warranty Start Date], CONVERT(varchar, DellWarrantyInformation.End_Date, 101) AS [Warranty End Date], DellWarrantyInformation.Days_Left AS [Warranty Days Left], DellWarrantyInformation.Entitlement_Type, CONVERT(varchar, v_GS_WORKSTATION_STATUS.LastHWScan, 101) AS [Last Hardware Scan], v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USAGE.TopConsoleUser0 FROM DellWarrantyInformation LEFT OUTER JOIN v_GS_SYSTEM_ENCLOSURE ON DellWarrantyInformation.Service_Tag = v_GS_SYSTEM_ENCLOSURE.SerialNumber0 LEFT OUTER JOIN v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM ON v_GS_SYSTEM_ENCLOSURE.ResourceID = v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.ResourceID LEFT OUTER JOIN v_GS_WORKSTATION_STATUS ON v_GS_SYSTEM_ENCLOSURE.ResourceID = v_GS_WORKSTATION_STATUS.ResourceID LEFT OUTER JOIN v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USAGE ON v_GS_SYSTEM_ENCLOSURE.ResourceID = v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USAGE.ResourceID WHERE (DellWarrantyInformation.Entitlement_Type <> '')
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