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  1. All, It seems there was a certificate error. If I tell IIS to require SSL but set it to ignore I start getting information. I am going through and checking certificates now to figure out what certificate is causing the issue. For future reference Updates would install on clients along with other applications and packages, I simply could not see the deployment status of anything.
  2. Anybody have any ideas? I look through quite a bit of settings today on the server side but still haven't found any red flags.
  3. It seems that if I go to monitor the status of any deployments in SCCM 2012 they are all frozen in time. At one point I did know what the percentages were (Success, In Progress, Error, Requirements not Met, Unknown). However there is a point in time when I stopped receiving this statistics. If I deploy any new software the compliance percentage remains at 0.0% and all of the computers stay under the unknown category. Also please be aware that software is successfully installing on PCs that it is pushed to. I do not see any errors in the below server log files. I have looked through oth
  4. Hello, I apologize for posting on an old topic, but this fits the issue I have been having recently. It sounds like you got the issue resolved however I am unable to resolve mine. I am trying to run a Re-Image task sequence (Windows 7 to Windows7). I have multuple error codes in the smsts.log file. The main one that I believe is causing the issues is "Failed to run the action: Request State Store. The request is not supported. Error: 80070032" But I also have the 80004005 error. Attached is my task sequence and the log file. Hopefully you can provide some insight because I am at a loss
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