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  1. What has to be done if you change the external web services url in regards to the proxy server / edge server, and the internal and external certificates.
  2. i have a similar issue, how do i determine if it really is a boundary issue. What logs should i examine !! I can copy and paste whatever logs you need. I have several secuirty updates that are tuck in the "Downloading (0%)" state.
  3. I can't seem to get any updates deployed. They syncronization is working between my WSUS server on the CA and the WSUS server on the primary, but when i try to deploy an update I get 0x80244022 errors everywhere, especially in the WindowsUpdate.log on the client and in the WUHandler.log on the servers. In additon i am seeing a 503 error on the server logs. Below is some content of the WindowsUpdate.log on the client. 012-05-07 09:20:34:711 2860 11a8 COMAPI ------------- 2012-05-07 09:20:34:712 2860 11a8 COMAPI WARNING: Operation failed due to earlier error, hr=80244022 2012-05-07 09:
  4. Update...i blieve it is something to do with hardware inventory. Since i can see everything in the resource explorerer on our primary site, but not on the CAS, they are not synced. We had also created new clinet settings, and deployed that...which may have screwed up the inventory, not syncing with the CAS, which has the reporting role, which we can't seem to get installed on the primary. can both the cas and primary have a reporting role installed, using two seperate sql instances (both on the same sql server)? How to i revert all the systems to the default client settings and get everythi
  5. HELP HELP HELP!!!! OK...so i am having trouble running certain reports...seems to be anything related to Hardware:..one thing to mention also is that it no longer displays information about a computer when i click on a user and then do the "start" device explorer..it just gives the computer's GUID. Could this be WMI related, or strickly a sql issue? When you uninstall the report role, do you have to manually remove the report database or does it remove that as well. This is from the sql server using IE.: An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted) Quer
  6. SOLVED one...created another OK..solved that one. I was using an admin account with too many rights is my guess. I created a new smsadmin account, gave it rights to the sql box, and the sccm box. Then i made it a full admin on the server, and BINGO...it was able to retrieve the instances and install the reporting role. HOWEVER!! That was on the primary, now when i try to install the role on the CAS, I get the following message in component status..."Site Component Manager detected that this component should be installed on this site system. Site Component Manager will attempt to install th
  7. Hey...hope everyones well. I have an issue with installing the reporting role. The instance does not show up after i verify the database. Can someone help? I am thinking it is some sort of security issue or setup issue with the sql server, but i need a little guidance, and the microsoft site isn't the most helpful. How much is WMI a part in this..in my lab it retrieved the instances in a second and i didn't have to do any extra configuration, but using a remote sql site, i am running into this issue. Any help is appreciated. I just haven't found a whole lot on requirements. Thank
  8. I got it resolved with Microsoft's help. We had to do the following: run pstools.exe -s -i -d cmd change directory to c:\program files\internet explorer run iexplore.exe Go to internet options Go to conections Go to LAN settings Uncheck all boxes. Reboot server Open up SCCM and run the manual sync...and then it was off and running.
  9. i ran the sync as suggested and nothing shows up in wsus.
  10. I ran through the lab 5 times already....word by word!! Is there any security considerations that may prohibit sccm from configuring wsus...is there any configuration done ..behind the scene's that is.
  11. what does the manual sync actually do..does it force the cas to go out to the internet and check for updates?...or just preform a sync of it's updates with the primary? I checked the wsus sources folder and there is no content..so nothing is being downloaded.
  12. everything is clean and green in the component status..until it tries to do a sync and then i get a warning.
  13. ok..did what you said and still no dice. I am really loosing my mind..
  14. also ..which site should be set to "active" when configuring the software update role component from the ribbon.
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