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  1. OK so, its fixed. The issue was, i presumed that the download ISO I've been using from our VLSC was EN-GB because i had selected English, and that's not true, even if you are a UK customer. If you select 'English' you get EN-US. Which is why my deployment of upgrades didn't work, i was trying to deploy EN-GB feature updates. There is a English International option on the VLSC but I'm not sure what that equates too. Why they didnt use English-US and English-GB on the VLSC i don't know..
  2. its server 2016, so they aren't applicable afaik. I did run all the updates. I actually have an idea what the issue is now, am just testing to confirm and will update later.
  3. I've not opened the WSUS console or changed any settings within it because I'm using configuration manager to operate it. I have however, only been deploying one version update to the machines.
  4. I installed WSUS, then installed the software update point to control it. I didn't do anything else. I've since managed to deploy normal updates (didnt make any changes to the infrastructure, just did a fresh install from an ISO. I remain unable to deploy any upgrades however) I'll check those logs again though.
  5. Thats a good thing to look for. There isn't any such GPO however, and the machine has the 'defer upgrades' button unticked, and shows on the config manager console with "do not defer upgrades" regardless, the machine is deemed compliant for some reason.. I also posted to technet regarding the issue (have virtually no hope of getting a solution. But its worth a try) https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/37422bfd-0ffd-41cd-88e9-56c735e1dbc8/deploying-windows-10-current-branch-servicing-plan?forum=ConfigMgrCompliance
  6. I made a new test machine, installed using the 1511 iso. I then deployed successfully some updates for 1511 using config manager, im now waiting to see if it actually upgrades it. I won't be holding my breath! Does anyone know, can 1511 go straight to 1703?
  7. I followed the MS guidance, cross referenced with the guides here. (so server 2016, sql 2016, config manager latest version) the servicing plan i created for current branch contains the newest version of Windows 10, (1703) however, the client will not install it. (version 1607) How is best to troubleshoot why it isn't even trying to install it? the update deployment log has only this: DetectJob completion received for assignment ({5ae097d5-7803-46b1-8411-d471c888da5c}) UpdatesDeploymentAgent 24/04/2017 14:37:21 2540 (0x09EC) Update (Site_42FCD6F9-F5E8-460A-BC7F-C
  8. 1) tried it (there are over a hundred machines with this issue). 2)tried it... 3)tried it.. 4) tried it.. 5) yes i've been looking in the logs, only contain the error 0x80240fff. The logs on the server itself? anyone in particular? there are two directories in /logs. neither of which have any entries corresponding with the clients attempt to access. thanks for replying, but I'm just going to write this off. Its easier and faster to re-image all the machines during the next term break. At least that feature works out the box, unlike my experience of the update system.
  9. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to reply. the WUAHandler.log file shows the following: Added Update Source ({42FCD6F9-F5E8-460A-BC7F-C1FD8ECDB289}) of content type: 2 WUAHandler 21/04/2017 08:24:04 6824 (0x1AA8) Scan results will include all superseded updates. WUAHandler 21/04/2017 08:24:04 6824 (0x1AA8) Search Criteria is (DeploymentAction=* AND Type='Software') OR (DeploymentAction=* AND Type='Driver') WUAHandler 21/04/2017 08:24:04 6824 (0x1AA8) Async searching of updates using WUAgent started. WUAHandler 21/04/2017 08:24:04 6824 (0x1AA8)
  10. Hi, I've made 3 update assignments and none of them work. 1 is a group of office 2013 updates. 1 is a group of Windows 10 updates 1 is a Windows CBB servicing update. All 3 of them on all machines will not deploy, all showing the following (completely unhelpful error) Job error (0x80240fff) received for assignment ({ABE835FB-72F0-4139-B819-3A04322EA971}) action UpdatesDeploymentAgent 20/04/2017 08:04:08 6080 (0x17C0) Updates will not be made available UpdatesDeploymentAgent 20/04/2017 08:04:08 6080 (0x17C0) Job error (0x80240fff) received fo
  11. What can you actually do with those upgrades? because as i understand it, you must use a servicing plan or task sequence (and task sequence uses an ISO?) I mean, you can't do as you would with other updates, right click and deploy?
  12. Problem turned out to be the package itself had the wrong path, even though the osd etc was ok.
  13. Forgot to mention, I have checked the paths in the OSD and Sprj are the same.
  14. Hi all, I virtualized about 10 applications yesterday, and half work fine, and the other half give me an error: I don't understand why, comparing a working and non working OSD. Working: and non working: When I've had this error before its been down to incorrect path settings in either the OSD or the management console, however I've checked and these are consistent and correct. Any body have any suggestions as to the cause of the issue?
  15. Hi, im new to using CM07, and have a question im hoping someone can help me with. I'm trying to detect thin clients running windows XP embedded. I have installed embedded device manager, but no embedded systems are detected at all. I have tried to detect them with network discovery as well as active directory system discovery but have had no success. Its my understanding that network discovery should detect devices with IP addresses, and AD system discovery those present in AD. Our thin clients operate on DHCP and are present when viewing the DHCP lease assignments, and are also with
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