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  1. Yes dont worry about that.. its just a catch all incase existing versions are installed, I have flagged this stage to continue on error anyway What I merely need to know is, is it possible to install apps via a task sequence based on stand-alone media? When attempting to use well known and working sequences.. the kinds of errors I am not used to seeing is this: Failed to unregister Task Sequencing COM Interface. Code (0x80070002) TSManager 10/07/2012 15:21:16 3100 (0x0C1C) Missing TS Progress UI executable C:\_SMSTaskSequence\sms\bin\i386\TsProgressUI.exe. TSManager 10/07/2012 15:21:16 3100 (0x0C1C) I have created stand-alone media with task sequences that install only applications (no OS).. and tried either auto running the media from within windows, and also booting off it in the WINPE environment, but both fail It just seems odd that in order to use standalone media merely for installing apps, I have to assign a boot image.. all I want to do is leverage all the work I have done creating and testing my application deployment sequences, but then putting them to further good use Hope that helps clarify
  2. Hi all, I have been actively using SCCM 2007 for quite some time to sucessfully deploy applications, run scripts and perform custom tasks via my distribution point to inhouse workstations... As a result my company wish for me to provide Stand-alone media to a remote office so that they can start utilising the same base image for deployment, and also the same applications. I have created stand-alone media to deploy windows 7 and all is going great... now I am tasked with getting a list of applications to be installed in an offline manner.. can this be done with Stand-alone media? I have attempted to do this, however the process has generated an error... please see the attached log Any assistance would be fantastic smsts.log
  3. That solved it, thanks very much mate
  4. Does this process still apply if you wish to apply these changes to an already created .WIM image? .. rather than a fresh install. Curious as to why the DVD is mentioned as the source for WSIM Cheers
  5. Hmm its not a source I have purposely set, but merely generated by WSIM. considering that the deployment is performed via standalone media, does it even come into play at any point? Confused
  6. Hi folks, I have been using SCCM to succesfully deploy windows 7 to workstations via standalone media.. I have now been asked to replicate this standard image deployment to my american office, so that they may benefit from this process.. but in order to do so I need to set thier default locale to en-US. To achieve this I have followed this guide, to create an unattend.xml: http://www.windows-n...oyments-part-1/ This is what my OSD task sequence looks like: When attempting deployment, the task sequence fails: I have since removed the unattended file from the task sequence and all works well again.. but I need to utilise this functionality Any advice would be greatly appreciated, To aid any kind soul you may help to diagnose this issue.. I have attached the following files: 1. The Task sequence used for OSD 2. The unattend.xml file 3. The SMSTSLOG.log file Kind regards unattend.xml OSD.xml smsts.log
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