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  1. We realize the problem is not due to the HP model as we got more and more various model of PC with the same issue. Most of time we have to do 1. F8 2. ensure IP obtained (otherwise have to do ipconfig /renew) 3. run TSbootshell.exe if the password prompt doesn't come out. I am wondering if it has something to do with my switch, but really don't know how to troubleshoot. On another hand, I am wondering if there is a wait to make the "initializing windows PE " to stay longer so that PC have more time to obtain IP? We really wish somebody can help us. thanks
  2. Dear all, We are evaluating SCCM2012 and currently into OSD. We have a few brands and models of workstation in our company. The HP Elite 8100 given us strange behavior while WinPE booting. After F12 twice, it downloaded the x86 boot image. The WinPE booted up but it stay a while and restart by itself. To be exact, it reboots after the "Preparing Network Connections". We have done a F8 troubleshooting during the PXE boot, realized that NIC driver is applied but hang at APIPA IP address. If we do a IPconfig /renew, the PC can continue with TS and rest of the process. Apparently it only happen in this model. No log file in the client machine. Does anyone have similar problem? We wish to overcome this rather than pressing F8 and do IPconfig /renew manually everything for OSD in the future. Any suggestion is welcome. thanks
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