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  1. thank you for the info Peter. We'll be happlily waiting for SP1. We haven't integrated MDT into our SCCM (they are on two seperate servers). If we added MDT onto our SCCM server, would we be able to configure the customsettings.ini, ie. add the 'querey WSUS' here and still retain ZTI capabilities?
  2. Haven't checked in in a while. The issue was that McAfee was doing OnAccess scans on the files I was deploying. Smaller files...no big deal...but cabs were 'locked' in place by McAfee. We created an exception for reads on application source destination on McAfee ePO. Deployments successful.
  3. Hello All, We have SCCM 2012 up and running. We are creating new PC deployments and refreshes. In the future, SCCM and WSUS will be integrated. However, at this time we are keeping it seperated and updates will still be serviced by the current WSUS infrastructure. We would like to deploy fully patched devices to our domain; however from my reading/research, it appears that we would need to implament the SUP role on the existing WSUS server. This effectivly removes control from WSUS and WSUS admin and shifts it to SCCM (which we do not want to do at this time). Is there a way to d
  4. Hello, First I'd like to say thanks for this site. It has been incredibly helpful and has been a blessing. I'm running MDT 2010 update 1 and I'm having an intermittent but relatively consistent issue when trying to deploy Office 2010 and 2007. I have a base Windows 7 image deployed and an install applicaiton task sequence for the Office product. Sometimes the Office installation fails (other applications install fine) and I get an unexpected return code 20 on the LTI summary page. The application install log file shows the following: LIS failed to cache download "{90140000-0
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