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  1. 1) Make sure your Boot images are distributed to DPs 2) right-click the collection to which you've deployed the Task Sequence and click "Clear required PXE deployments" 3) Retry PXE Boot
  2. Update to this topic, Running the Create Task Sequence Media wizard and creating an ISO instead of the USB device worked as it was supposed to. I then had to format the USB drive with the DISKPART tool and copy the data from the ISO onto the USB drive. I contacted MS Support and they're trying to determine if this is an actuall bug in the software.
  3. CreateTSMedia.log: Size available = 6719 Mb, size required = 6177 Mb OS image has a size 6177 Mb exceeding max file size 4095 UFD media does not support this file size Failed to create media (0x80004005) CreateTsMedia failed with error 0x80004005, details='' MediaGenerator::~MediaGenerator() Media creation process that was started from Admin Console completed. CreateMedia.exe finished with error code 80004005 The OS Image is from the previous SCCM 2007 environment. The problem is that the Task Sequence Media Wizard formats the USB drive to FAT32 and since the OS Image is greater than 4GB it fails. Is there a way to get SCCM to use NTFS by default, or perhaps have it split up the OS image when creating the package?
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