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  1. Hi guys, the problem is solved.That's the good message! The bad message is, that i don't know why. I changed nothing and all deployment of of machine types (Desktop,Laptop,VM,"Known Clients") where successfull! So thanks for your help. In the next few weeks I''ll have more time for Troubleshooting and will surely post the solution/reason for my Problem.
  2. Hi Joe, thanks for your help! Yes the time for the Office Installation is enough, i tired it out. I also set the "install without being advertised" checkbox. I found 2 points that are interesting, too. 1. When I set the "continue on error" step it will go on and fail with the next application. So I set "continue on error" at every step in TS. Now, at the end of TS all applications fail, and all packages run successfully. 2. On some machines, the TS run completely and everythings is perfect, On others, I've this strange Problem.Till now I did not find out the Problem. What is the difference between this machines? Maybe this Information will help Thanks, Lars I'll run another TS with every "continue on error" step, and post the smsts.log again.
  3. Hi guys, I've the issue that all Install Application Steps in my Win7 x64 Tasksequence fail, but Install Package Actions run normaly. I get Error:80004005 Source:Unknown. We use SCCM 2012 SP1 with CU2 installed. It would be create and would rescue my holidays if someone could help me with this Problem. I've attached the smsts.log for more details. Thx, Lars log1.log
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