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  1. Hi guys.. I don't script, so i would like to ask for your help on creating a WMI query i could use to check for network connectivity before running a task...I have this "web installer" application that needs to have internet connectivity to install properly or else my deployment fails. I tought i could do something like.. IF aond only IF mdt senses that there is a network connection and/or can ping (google dns server), THEN run App.. otherwise, skip. Please advise.
  2. Hi, everybody.. A full PC deployment takes about 45 minutes (using offline media) . this is a really basic image and was wondering if these deployment times correspond.. I am thinking that ""Applying system settings" should not be taking that long.. can someone please tell me what could be happening at this stage? I've googled around but most of the "slow" problems people have is due to network connectivity issues. I should also mention this is set up as a "workgroup" machine. .. how can i speed this up? OS:Win7 Ent Intel i5 8gb Ram please advise. Thank you. format and
  3. Hi guys.. I use thick images at my workplace because we don't have the infrastructure to do wds, lite or zt installs.. we've been using ghost forever I am trying to have windows 8 ask me for a computer name and join a specified domain.. the way i did it before was using MySysprep2 with the variables <computer>% input pc name%</computer> on my unattended, but it looks like MSP2 does not work with windows 8 .. does anyone have an alternative that will allow me to input the pc name before joining an existing domain? needless to say i also have this on my xml file:
  4. Hi guys.. we have a server (08r2) that does all. wsus, eset rac, pdq inventory, print server , etc .. we only have this one box.. I was wondering if i could house SCCM within a VM inside this server to play with package deployment and stuff or if i would need a separate box (no budget). server is pretty robust and fast and its currently managing about 100pc's . please let me know thank you
  5. i've been trough that documentation.. but it seems like it backs up a lot of other things i really don't need. :/
  6. Hi guys.. I'm a real newbie here so. first off HI I'm a tier 2 desktop support specialist for a small 300+ user organization. I am not the only tech guy at the office, but i am actively trying to make things easier for all of us by automating some of the tasks we use daily. I am constantly reimaging pc's, etc etc.. the next few months however, I will be upgrading all of our users to Windows 7 (from xp), and that means doing a LOT of copy/paste/settings, etc. now.. being in the low end of the "technical" world at our place, I don't get access to the servers ( i basically do just the grunt
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