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  1. Create ADRs by manual but SUG yjn created. Deployment packeges has 0 updates. After 8 october i change condition last 7 days and run ADR manualy, then SUG created. Whats wrong? UPDATE Oh NO! I think i get. My SU role was sheduled on 5:50 (UTC+3). So when i look in patch tursday updates properties i see Released:08.10.2013 20:00 I think this is it. My WSUS Sync on second tuesday in (utc+3) 5:50 when in USA yet Monday so it not get updates in this day. And ADR not working.
  2. Hi. Please explaint to me one thing. I make ADR Rule for MS Office. Every mounth ADR will create a new SU group. What i need to do with this "old" groups? Will i manualy delete it or what ?
  3. When i trying to deploy Win7 on virtual computer task sequence stop with error 0x80070002. I have set and check network account I copied distributiv from file server to distribution point server I set anonymus logon on ssm_dp_smspkg$ web site I try all i can found in google. No errors in log. smsts.log
  4. Hi! I have some SCCM collections- Win 7, Win 2k3, Win 2k8, Win XP. To deploying critical updates I created ADR's. The first rule (basic) are created for all systems on the network and contains all the necessary updates to some OSes. This ADR works fine, deletes obsolete updates. For fast deployment, I decided to create rules "Tuesday's patch." I did everything as shown in manual. However, occasionally packages are created by these rules obsolete, icons, these packages are little gray with crosses. Why does not auto-deleting old updates from the package? And I'm not entirely sure that all packages are working, how to understand where are the upgrade computers from a large package with all the updates or "patches Tuesday's" CONFIGURATION:
  5. josharld can you post some pictures- how you doing your updates...
  6. For example: i have all my servers in Windwos 2008R2 collection. I had deploy windows updates whith criterias Product,Buleten ID I had deploy Office updates to all servers- but there onle 2 servers have Office installed. But there are still many updates needet to aplay- Report Viewer for only one server, and so on. How i must to deploy them ??
  7. So, how many packages i need usually ? One for Windows updates, one for Office updates and some other updates- ? Or i have too make packages whith criteria -requared?
  8. HI, Can anybody tell properly how to manage Windows Updates whith SCCM in real world? not in LAB. What is the Best practice to organize update groups? And how to maintain previously created packages - how to automate deletion of not required updates from update group?
  9. Ok, where i can read about it? How to clean updates package? Msy be Niall can make some LAb about this ?
  10. Thank you for answer. About #1 question - Deploying Windows updates, Yes, i follow this lab, and all updates packages distribute to clients, all works fine. But i can't understand concept of monthly distribute updates. How i have to automate it? Is i must every month manualy create new packege for many collection, for office, for other type of updates ? If so, i think WSUS more useful for me.
  11. Hi Niall! As promice i post my questions here: 1. Can you properly tell how distribute Windows Updates in work environment with SCCM 2012? Not deploy to captured image, but administering it same simle as i can do it with WSUS? What about Drivers, Tools, other updates from WSUS categories??? 2. In your LAB you use Build and Capture scenario, but in work environment i have to make some changes on Windows (change settings, interface, install programs, put shortcuts). In MDT i can use Sysprep and Capture scenario. When i wrote this post i found pinned topik about this http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5070-how-can-i-capture-an-image-using-capture-media-in-configmgr-2012/ but then i have other question: what profit from using SCCM to capture image, if i can't do this with PXE boot? I can do bootble ISO myself and use ImageX whitout SCCM.... 3. In my work environment suddenly in users Software Center appeared as update 'Build and Capture Windows 2008 Server' (i forgot to check option Do not show in Software Center) and when user choose 'Install All', his notebook disk was formated. How it could be, user do not know password for PXE boot ? Sorry my English. Thank for you understanding!
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