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    Like working on Desktop managements, SMS/SCCM products especially SCCM 2012.
  1. Running into an issue when the TS reaches the Capture User state part, I was trying to capture data from windows xp to store to a network unc share. Error I'm seeing on client's smsts.log is failed to delete registry value "System health Agent Error Code 0x80070002. Both client and server client versions are same 4.0.6487.2000 (SCCM 07). Before that it also has Error executing Task Sequence Manager service Code 0x80004005. scanstate log shows error occurred processing the command line. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  2. Thanks yes it needed the NIC drivers. Well so it proves that when I do this in production things should work by adding drivers for specific models. So good news is my hardlinks folder was there so if I had connectivity to the domain things would have worked. Hyper V , they said try once worse case you will either like it or not. So I will surely try it and see who wins VM or Hyper V. So what's the best practices for upgrading systems in WAN if no DP's are running there? Maybe DVD's I guess. I was just wondering if you are on LAN how will offline upgrading/migrating from XP to Windows 7
  3. Niall so I have another system on Vm running Win 7, when I looked under the device manager of that system to determine the NIC it's using. I am attaching a screen shot. I cannot find the drivers for that nic to include in my task sequence. Let me try again to do the upgrade and look at the logs you were referring to as well. Paul win7vmnic.rtf
  4. Thanks for the quick response Niall. So as a test here is what I'm doing: I have VM Ware Workstation running Ver 9.0.3. Got a XPSP3 machine (Pretending its a users machine). I typed in the WMIC information on the command prompt and obtained the name said "VMware Virtual Platform" So the task sequence I have for upgrading from XP to Win 7 using hardlinks, where will I be adding the virtual platform drivers? Will it be after the operating system section? Also I'm having a hard time finding drivers to include for VMware. I liked the link you are referring to very helpful indeed.
  5. So how will I be able to use your xml files and other associated items if I'm going from windows xp 32 bit to windows 7 64 bit as far as files and folders within the task sequence? Paul
  6. Hi Niall, Your site has been very handy in learning and training SCCM products. I am getting ready to do a large scale upgrade within sccm 2007 from xp to windows 7. Most part I'm fine with building reference images in MDT 2012 and then importing them in sccm 07. Just few questions I had were actually pertaining to hardlinks and wan sites. We have sites in WAN that would need upgrading to windows 7. If I'm going from xp to 7 do I need to add device drivers as part of the task sequence since windows 7 should pickup most standard hardware especially network drivers etc... What are your thoughts
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