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  1. The execution of the group (Build the Reference Machine) has failed and the execution has been aborted. An action failed. Operation aborted (Error: 80004004; Source: Windows) this is my new error....... can you help me?
  2. THanks for help but using google traslator i don't understand nothing can you explain me what do i do? I hate this software.....
  3. Hi garnik I'have your identical problem. Please anything can help us... thanks
  4. Dear Are you very powerfull people and i very need your help for undestand what happend. I have problem in the point 4 when i try to add a boot image i recevied that error Error: Data Source Information • Source location: \\srv-itpa-cfgm01\sources\os\win7x64ent_ita\sources\boot.wim • Boot Image: 1 - Microsoft Windows PE (x64) Error: Package Information • Name: boot image x64 Error: Errors • You can not import this boot image. Only finalized boot images are supported. For more information press F1. Grazie ancora I explain what i do: 1i copy the all cd folder in the share folder 2: when ask to me to browse i file i select the sources and the file boot.wim 3: select windows pe(x64) 4: Run 5 See the error:(((((((( what i wrong, i used iso of win 7 enterprise x64 i dont undestand..... please if you have time help me. A big kiss
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