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  1. unfortunately not. i thought it may be something relating to the boot image since that's one of the only differences between the two task sequences, but after creating a new x64 MDT boot image and applying it to my task sequence, i still encounter the same error
  2. this is a weird issue, and i'm baffled. i have two task sequences for OS deployment, one for Windows 7 x64 and another for Windows 7 x86. the x86 one works just fine, but for some reason the x64 task sequence will have the progress bar disappear halfway through. everything installs just fine, but after applying the OS image and drivers and rebooting, the progress bar is hidden for the rest of my tasks (mostly software installs). i just cannot understand why the x86 TS is fine but the x64 one is not, as they are identical in every way except for the image applied and the MDT packages used. both task sequences have the "Show Task Sequence Progress" option checked under User Experience in the deployment, and i've tried recreating the x64 deployment with no success. any suggestions would be appreciated
  3. i figured this out shortly after i posted. i was using the built in ConfigMgr client, but the option to upload it to a DP share was greyed out. when i created a new client package with MDT, i was able to choose to upload it to the DP share. changing my TS to reference the new client package now lets me choose the option of installing all content directly from the DP
  4. I've ran into this same issue. i've ensured that every package listed in the TS is checked for copying to a DP share (including the boot images), but when i try to create a new deployment there still isn't an option for accessing content directly from the DP. the only option available to me is to download the content locally when required. any insite would be appreciated
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