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  1. After this I went ahead and created all of my other task sequences we'd be using and deployed them all and it seems to be still happening to them. I'm going to run through my packages today though and ensure that I didn't miss one when I ticked the copy packages checkbox. I wish Microsoft had left this the way it was before.
  2. I've got all of my packages already set to copy to distribution points and ensured they're all on the DP share. I didn't however have my Boot Images copied, but when I did set it to do that and it copied it still had no effect on the task sequence. Everything is still downloading
  3. When you look at all of the content that's in the task sequence is it already distributed? The task sequence itself won't be distributed as task sequences only need be deployed. When you click distribute content on a task sequence it's actually going to distribute all of the content in the task sequence. However, if all of the content has already been distributed SCCM will not show you any distribution points in the list when you try to again. Go into your packages that are in your task sequence and see if all of the content is distributed. If it is this is your problem.
  4. When you distribute a task sequence basically all its doing is distributing the content the task sequence uses. If that content has already been distributed when you created it no DP will show up as it's already being used. Go to to Monitoring - Distribution Status - Content Status and see if your packages show to already be distributed to your distribution point.
  5. Nobody has ran into this issue? This is my production environment so any help possible would be greatly appreciated.
  6. You can just remove the distribution point role from your server that you wish for the packages not to be on. Your main server doesn't have to have that role on it.
  7. You can remove the distribution point role from the box you'd like it off of by going into site systems and removing the role. However, during installation of CM2012 you can opt not to install the distribution point in the first place, and just add it in after installation. I ended up virtualizing my primary site, but set the distribution point and pxe role to be on a physical server.
  8. I've got an install of SCCM 2012 RTM, and have started setting up my task sequences. During my task sequence it's downloading all of the content instead of running it from the server. I read through the guides and noticed there's a checkbox to copy the content to the DP on each package so I went back and set that up and ensured all of the packages updated. However, when i run the TS it's still downloading the content. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Do I need to re-deploy my TS to my collections, or is there some magical size limit of a package that makes it download? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. I am currently running SCCM 2007 SP2 R2 on a HP ProLiant DL380G5 server. For 3 or so months I have no ran into any issues with it and it has been a great product. Suddenly today after I was updating some software in packages clients started to slow down in a ridiculous fashion when attempting to image them from the PXE server. They'd boot into the boot image just fine, but once they came to the password protect screen and you enter the password, they'd start retrieving policy as normal, but it would take 3-4 minutes to do so, which is highly unusual. Then once my task sequence list came up I'd select one, and it would run extremely slow while trying to resolve dependencies, and later fail, not with a dependency failure, but just a simple hex code, which I searched and could only come up with Windows Updates errors. I ensured that all packages were updated on the distribution points, and have even removed the packages from the server and their links from the task sequences, and still the server is running beyond slow. Any ideas? I need to solve this ASAP as we have quite a few machines that need to be imaged soon. The alternative is to re-build the server, which I didn't originally setup except for the OS Deployment part. This is a last resort though as it would take 16-24 hours to properly rebuild our server as we have 23 different task sequences all with different sets of software. Any help is highly appreciated.
  10. I currently have SCCM SP2 R2 on a Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise server with OSD up and running. We are currently working on getting things ready to roll out Windows 7 for the next year, and I have been able to successfully apply a Windows 7 Image to an unknown computer and a known computer, but once the computer finish's setting up and the ConfigMgr client as initialized during the setup, I can't image for another 30 minutes or so. When I look at the SMSPXE log it states that theres no advertisement though I have it advertised to All Systems and All Unknown Computers as it obviously worked the first time for both unknown and known. Is this just because SCCM is in the process of updating the client's records in the DB or something of that sort? I'm currently using the OSDComputerName script which allows me to rename the computer while booted into the WinPE boot image. I originally had it always asking me for a name, but I've amended it to the original script which checks the database for a name and only prompts if SCCM doesn't currently have it in the database. I haven't had a chance to test it since doing that, should that solve my issue? Thanks for any and all help.
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