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  1. Hei, im running a wns2008 r2 with hyper-v as host. Im installing WDS and MTD on a wns2012 gust os. In the host OS i have made a share called "Deploymentshare", and created a folder inside called "RemoteInstall". Sat the permissions to admin and everyone. (read/write) Mounted the share as a network drive in the guest OS (no problem everyting worksfine). Looks like this " Z:\Deploymentshare". I have stumbled over 2 problems: WDS configuration: I cant set the remote install folder under the deployments server configurations (early), I'm trying to change it from C:\RemoteInstall to Z:\Deploymentshare\RemoteInstall I get the error: "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" I have trid to use C:\RemoteInstall, no problem, but as this is a guest OS with smal amount of space i want to use a remote share.. MDT Deploymentshare: Network (UNC) path: \\ussenterprise\Deploymentshare Local path: Z:\Deploymentshare When enabling multicast in the general tab i get; "Invalid UNC path" when i press apply. Any help please? sorry for my english :/ Best regards Einar.
  2. Hi I wondering if WDS can full "capture" a hdd? Sonario: - Just installed a clean win7 image - Installed all updates - installed sevral programs feks: anti virus, mail, web-browser, PH, aso... - Changed background Then capture image with WDS or something els if possible? Is it then possible to deploy that image, to another computer(s) and all of the changes and programs slides right in? with out GPO. Or do you have to use ghost or something els for this kind of work? -----Thanks for your time -------
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