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  1. Hello, I currently have three systems, one each dedicated to perform a service, WDS, WSUS, and Endpoint Definition File updates (SCCM 2012). With that said, I would like to consolidate all three into one, if not WDS, at least WSUS and Endpoint Updates in one. I see that is possible, thanks to your tutorial, however, can I use the existing WSUS updates contents, and migrate that over to the new WSUS server? I rather not have to download all updates. Consolidating an existing WSUS server and Endpoint Definitions (SCCM) into a new server, SCCM is this achievable with your tutorial? Also I do not want to implement a CAS, only a primary server.
  2. Hello, As a follow up to my previous message, I am no longer going to run SCCM12 on Windows2012, and go back to my 2008r2 machine. Anyways, as a result, on my 2008r2 machine, my SCCM12 will not auto-deploying definition files for EndPoint. As a result, my users keep getting Window Update popups every time a new definition file is ready to be installed. Any ideas?
  3. Hi! I am currently deploying a second Configuration Manager in my environment. Reason for this, the existing (working one) is on a 2008R2 host. I would like to SCCM running on a 2012 box. Both SCCM are primary sites, with now CAS installed/setup. I have created my new SCCM but I am having difficulties pushing out the client to my systems. I can see all the devices. Initially I was getting "Last Installation Error: 5". This was fixed when I granted an administrator account to push the client out. However, now when I push the client out, there is no error code at all. Any ideas?
  4. Great step by step setup/documentation! I have a question, for Forefront Endpoint protection, do you have to download the definition files via WSUS and/or SCCM12? Can you set it up such that, the client/users machine will download it self? My problem is, SCCM12 is seeing the definition files, however I am unable to deploy them, as I get an access denied response. Please see below: %20upload%20images"]http:// upload images[/url] The server where SCCM12 resides on, as full access to the "WSUS/content" files...
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