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  1. hey guys, i'm trying to capture a windows xp sp3 via sccm 2012 but it isn't working... I have copied the entire XP SP3 disc to my sources share where all my sccm stuff is located. created the OS Installer, distributed to DP imported drivers for the mainboard we are using, created driver package, distributed all to DP imported the network driver into the correct boot image created a collection with 1 computer and advertised the build & capture TS to the collection. pxe-boot goes just fine, drivers go fine, the XP setup files are copied to the workstation but when he wants to apply the OS, I get stuck on error 0x80091007. I tried redistributing the OS files, the driver package to no avail... not sure which log-file could shed any light on this error so hopefully you guys can help me... cheers!
  2. oh, I thought it would use the name it has in SCCM... I will have to figure out the MDT way then but that'll be for the next deployment...
  3. do you really need the install.exe? can't you just import the msi's one by one and then deploy them in the correct order? if it's not possible without the exe, it is possible to pass on options but your exe needs to support them. what application are you trying to deploy?
  4. I think the problem is solved now... If I have it right, those drivers were already imported for another mainboard with partially the same components. In my new TS, I had the step for driver installation also check the category of the earlier used mainboard and now it looks like everything is going as planned...
  5. Yesterday I imported VGA & Audio drivers for one of our mainboards that needed Win7 deployment. All went well, created TS, deployed but drivers weren't correctly installed. So I noticed that some system drivers weren't installed either so my guess was that it needed chipset drivers to be able to install vga and audio. Downloaded the drivers from Gigabyte website and imported them, immediately assigning a category and inserting them in a driver packaga which had to be distributed. After import as supposed to be succesful (all green), I didn't find the newly imported drivers under the Drivers section in SCCM console. Tried importing them again, got again all green at the end of the wizard but still no joy in Drivers section. I checked the DP for the driver package and files were added; they looked like the chipset drivers I wanted to import. But still they didn't appear in my console. Rebooted server to no avail... Now I'm just trying the deployment on 1 workstation to see if those newly added drivers are installed or not but find it very strange that they don't appear in the console. Any thoughts? Will post back with the result of deployment to see if drivers were installed. BTW : drivercatalog.log was all red and stated that the drivers were already imported :s Go Figure!
  6. apparantly we'll have to wait for MS for a fix best solution for now is to delete the unknown entries in sccm...
  7. experiencing the same issue as moustafafafa and I find it utterly annoying... I was thinking something went wrong with my sccm install but apparently not. I'm going to google around a bit to check what can be done.
  8. for now I have gone with setting an empty OSDComputerName variable for the collection, creating a non-mandatory TS and entering the name manually... Working for now because I have to move on Still, all suggestions on the topic are welcome
  9. this gets stranger and more annoying every hour... I deployed Win7 again to a computer that had a wrong name and now its name is again something else (a computer that was succesfully deployed earlier this week)... All logic is gone
  10. I have a Windows 7 deployment rolling and a very strange and utterly annoying problem... I import all my new computers into a collection with a name they should be getting and their MAC-adress. Deployment runs fine BUT for some reason after the deployment ALL computers have the same name; not even one of the names they should get but the name of a previous deployed computer (deployed with the same TS). Above that, those 4 computers are imported automatically in my All Systems collection and from there on, I can't PXE boot anymore to deploy new ones or start over with the ones that went wrong... Any ideas becaue I don't quite know what to do from here...
  11. OK, in my steps figuring out how KMS works, I have entered the wrong key for Windows 7 deployment. I used the one I found via the Volume License website but that key is used to enable your Windows 7 as a KMS host which is not what I want off course I have found this key has more succes : 33PXH-7Y6KF-2VJC9-XBBR8-HVTHH (Win 7 enterprise) but now I have to make sure that I have 25 clients connecting to my KMS before they are actually activated but that won't be a problem as we will be rolling out 30+ new computers.
  12. Ok, activated a KMS Host on a W2k8 R2 server on the network, adjusted the Windows 7 codes in my TS and it's running again now... Fingers crossed
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