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  1. Hi, My drive containing the SCCMContentlib (in particular the filelib) is running low on space. From what I gather, this folder is populated when content is uploaded to the DP. In order to reduce it, I've removed a load of content from the DP and also deleted a couple of packages but the size remains the same. Could anyone give me a better insight into why this is happening and how I can reduce this folder size. Cheers
  2. Hi, I've configured this and the updates have come down successfully. Our WSUS groups are currently published through group policy to an existing WSUS server and folders within it. I've created a test group which I've pointed to the new SCCM WSUS and created a group with the same name as specified in the GPO. With this group now present on the new WSUS server, should this not also be populating the Software Update Groups within SCCM as all i'm getting is No items found. Cheers EDIT.. No need to reply, I've read up on some more posts and I was clearly still in the WSUS way of thinking.. All's clear now.
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