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  1. Hey Folks, So I'm still new at OSD/TS and just curios if I can achieve the following. Basically I have different department profiles setup in SCCM. A collection called Finance Operations which has all the finance related software deployed to it. Another one is IT Operations and have all IT operations software deployed to it. Now I want my TS to prompt me for collection name and based on the input, it add the machine to the appropriate collection and install the targeted software during OSD. Is this something that can be done? Not to complicate it, but the next step would be if TS can somehow gather this information by just using the hostname I provide during OSD? Thanks
  2. Hi anyweb, I am getting the similar error after WSUS is installed. Here's the screenshot
  3. Hello, Can someone help me understand how the whole bandwidth throttling works in SCCM 2012? How is it different from SCCM 2007? Is there more functionality added to it? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  4. UPDATE: I confirmed that the DHCP running on my SCCM primary server is the one who is assigning the IP to the unknown VM I am trying to image. So I guess that means something is not setup correctly on my primay SCCM server because the way I understand is that you do not need a DHCP server installed in order for the PXE to work (correct me if I am wrong)?
  5. Thanks for the sugesstion guys, I tried what you guys sugessted and seems like everything is working fine now. Here's what I did: I installed DHCP server on the SCCM primary I removed the default network card from the VM and added the legacy network adapter. What I am not sure about is, what made it working? Installing the DHCP or adding a legacy network adapter. Whats different from the earlier situation is that now I only have the legacy network adapter in the settings enabled. How do I check what triggered it to make it working?
  6. Hello, I just created my lab for SCCM 2012 by using the fantastice guies provided by windows noob. I was able to setup everything correctly including instalation of applications to a new machine etc. However I am no having problems with OSD specifically booting my VMs (Hyper-V) through PXE to install OS. Basically the VM just never boots up. I have 2 VMs running 1 for CAS adn 1 for primary just as suggested in the guides. Looks like I have everythign in place, both boot images are published on distribution point, DP itself has teh PXE enabled Not sure where the problems lies and what do I look at to troubleshoot. My SCCM primary server does not have a DHCP role installed. The DHCP is running on my router. Not sure if that info helps Any help wuold be greatly appreciated Thanks
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