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  1. We are in the process of testing mbam deployment through both ods and pushing mbam client through sccm. We have the group policy set to store keys in AD, and it works.. A coworker ask me: what would happen if someone would delete the machine account in AD, and you had to re-join the workstation to the domain.. would it re-put the key in the new machine account? answer: it doesn't appear to. Does anyone know why? or how to make it? Thank you, Chad
  2. i know xp is slowly going away in corporate america... but its still out there... and no one else had experienced this issue?
  3. wilbywilson: thanks for the reply. Im not supressing the reboot, so i can allow it to reboot in the window. but it xp machines don't make it to the window. When I suppress restart on my xp or w7 collections, the maintenance window comes and never restarts.. I change it to not suppress.. the w7 machines reboot inside the window but the xp machines reboot before the window ever happens. I have noticed that xp machines are rebooted by winlogon.exe and windows 7 machines are rebooted by ccmexec.exe not sure if this has anything to do with the xp machines not waiting for the window,
  4. I've recently been playing with maintenance windows and for some reason, the xp test machines don't always pick up the maintenance window and apply it. so as soon as updates are done it just reboots instead of waiting for the window. What am I missing? Thanks, Chad
  5. in this part, you mentioned: "We will be configuring Endpoint Protection fully in a later part of this series." I figured that would be part 6 or 7, but didn't see it out there. Am I missing it somewhere?
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