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  1. Hi, I'm having an issue while trying to deploy Windows XP SP3 from a captured image to a computer using SCCM 2012. All my Windows 7 deployments work great, but this one is failing. The problem seems to be during the Apply device driver point. In my environment, I've created driver packages for each of my hardware models and per operating system. I then do some WMI filtering to apply them. What seems to be happening is that SCCM imports them with a GUID as the directory name in the driver package. When it applies the drivers for that model and modifies the OEMPNPDriverPath line in the Sysprep.inf file, it exceeds the magic 4096 character length. No matter what I do, I can seem to get past this. Any one have any ideas? The machines that I'm using are Dell computers and I'm using the Dell Cab files imported and packaged. Attached is my smsts.log file Thanks smsts.log
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