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  1. I'm not using any filters, just searching for all updates released in the last 1 month. Nothing is found.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I've been traveling for work and have just now started looking back into this. here are the pertinent errors (I think) wsyncmgr.log Wakeup for a polling cycle Starting Sync Performing sync on retry schedule Read SUPs from SCF for __server.sub.domain.com__ Found 1 SUPs Found active SUP __server.sub.domain.com__ from SCF File.~ STATMSG: ID=6701 SEV=I LEV=M SOURCE="SMS Server" COMP="SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER" SYS=__server.sub.domain.com__ SITE=TSM PID=3428 TID=6968 GMTDATE=Wed Jan 04 09:10:06.799 2017 ISTR0="" ISTR1="" ISTR2="" ISTR3="" ISTR4=""
  3. How do you have your site boundary groups laid out? We have each boundary group assigned to a subnet, then the local DP is assigned to that boundary group. This causes the clients to be pointed to their local DP.
  4. Hello all, On Tuesday afternoon I searched for the new updates and nothing showed up. I figured I might be too early so I went about my business. This morning (Thursday) I searched and it still finds no updated released in the last month. I searched the last 2 months and it found the November Rollups that have already been deployed. Last month in our monthly maintenance window we updated to CU4. Could that be the problem? I have not heard of any issues regarding CU4, although it's still early in it's release. I am not even sure where to look to see why it's not finding the latest u
  5. Hello all, I hope I can lay this out clearly so someone can understand what's happening here and help out. We've had OS Deployment working for a couple of years now with no real issues. We have about 30 offices nation wide. We have a single Site and a Distribution Point at each location. The DPs are PXE enabled. They are all virtualized except two, which are located IN ADDITION to the primary DP VMs in our two largest offices. Both of these locations have multiple subnets. They both had speed issues on day one when we enabled OSD. After much troubleshooting and trying every suggest
  6. Ahh, Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't realized that I could specify something to run BEFORE a App install. I'll look into it. That's the uninstaller I tried to script into the phantom package. Anyway, I believe the issue is fixed. I found the package ID and cleaned it off of all our DPs. This morning it is gone.
  7. This is how it had worked in the past. However, starting in about September, the old versions stopped uninstalling. We were finding systems with multiple versions of the ActiveX Flash Player installed.
  8. Yes, we were following a suggestion that we create a package with a script that first uninstalls all versions of flash, then installed the current (at the time) version.
  9. We created a package to remove all versions of Flash Player then install the latest. This didn't work well so we removed the package. That package is still trying to install and failing. This is what I've found in the client logs: AppDiscovery.log +++ MSI application not discovered [MSI Product Code: {44CF4DB9-707A-4395-839C-573FBC206CB9}, MSI Product version: ] +++ Did not detect app deployment type Adobe Flash Player 19 ActiveX - Windows Installer (*.msi file)(ScopeId_E653C22A-B113-4E94-B3BD-D84F9569E225/DeploymentType_97dd432f-2731-48a8-8aa1-00537c377eaa, revision
  10. willisj318, Were you able to resolve this issue? If so, how? I have a package trying to install on all clients. The deployment was deleted, but it is still there trying to install.
  11. Thanks anyweb, SQL is installed on another server in our setup. Not sure why... I found two old captured images that are no longer being deployed that were about 12GB each. There are also ISOs for XP and Pre SP1 Win7. I have not found anything in the SCCM console that refers to any of them. Is it simply a matter of deleting them out of their folders in the \Source\OSInstallers subfolder? The largest chunk of space (38% per WinDirStat) is used by very large files in \SCCMContentLib\FileLib. I'm assuming these are our application deployments all packaged up.
  12. Our SCCM 2012 SP1 server has run out of disk space. We can not add more space at this time. We are budgeted for more hardware in Q3 of 2016, but we have no options until then. The SCCM server was originally installed by a consultant. He setup a file structure as so: \Source Main share ----------\Applications ----------\Drivers ----------\OSInstallers ----------\Updates In the Updates folder we have a folder structure for downloading our monthly updates \2015\01 --------\02 etc. Is it OK to delete these folders? It is my understanding that the update packages
  13. Sorry to dredge up an old topic. We recently started receiving this error on our SCCM 2012 SP1 system. MP File Dispatch Manager cannot copy files from "C:\SMS\MP\OUTBOXES\rdr.box" to "\\<server.domain>\SMS_TSM\inboxes\auth\ddm.box\regreq". This thread, and the answers I've found through Googling all say to fix permissions on the outbox or inbox, or to CREATE the outbox or inbox. However, there is no C:\SMS folder structure on our SCCM server. Our setup was installed by a consultant, and he recommended against installing SCCM2012 on the C: drive, so he created a small C: and a
  14. It was my understanding that all remote sites needed a SUP to cache and install updates locally. I'm guessing this is not the case?
  15. Yesterday we found that one of our DPs was not receiving packages, so we started digging around to find out why. In the process I discovered that the DP did not have the Software Update Point role installed. "Great!" Nobody who has access has admitted making any changes to the system, of course. Are there any known issues that might cause DPs to "loose" installed roles? I also discovered 2 DPs that no longer had the State Migration Point and Component Server roles installed. I didn't think a DP could exist without the Component Server role... Is there a bigger problem I need t
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