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  1. Running Server 2012 and WDS 2012. I am able to PXE boot to my wim image using our Dell Latitude XT2 and Dell OptiPlex 3010 but receive the following error when I attempt to boot from a Dell OptiPlex 380. "PXE-E53 No boot filename received" I have, Deleted any old 380 drivers Injected new driver pack from dell Completely regenerated deployment share Re-imported new wim file to WDS
  2. Silly question, and maybe I missed a post.. In SCCM 2007 we had our monthly patch collections structured in groups, ie. Group 4 - Office 1 - Office 2 Group 3 - Office 3 - Office 4 Group 4 - Office 5 And we would push our monthly updates to group 4, group 3 etc. In Sccm 2012 we are now unable to create sub collections. Does that now mean that if we want to accompliush the same task we need to break out each office into individual collections?
  3. In theory this sounds like a great fix, only problem is that when I link to KB971058 I do not see a script or MSI file?
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