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  1. Within the pkgmger.log file I rarely get the Total Size: of the sending package. Some I do but rarely. I am writing a script and would like to read in the line and use that fields data to figure out percentage compete. Looking at the package and program, I never set any estimated disk space or anything. Looking at SQL Table "SMSPackages_G" I do see a field with SourceSize that is populated? Any Thoughts would be helpful. Send Request 201L5~ Job: J9M39031 Destination: somewhere.COM~ State: Pending Status: Action: None~ Total size: 0 k Remaining: 0 k Heartbeat: 12:51~ Start: 12:00 Finish: 12:00 Retry: 12:51~ SWD PkgID: 00000218 SWD Pkg Version: 3 SMS_PACKAGE_TRANSFER_MANAGER 12/31/2013 12:51:00 PM 4160 (0x1040) Send Request 201KN~ Job: JR147N2W Destination: somewhere.com~ State: Pending Status: Action: Delete~ Total size: 6958930 k Remaining: 4435680 k Heartbeat: 18:00~ Start: 12:00 Finish: 12:00 Retry: 18:30~ SWD PkgID: WHQ00021 SWD Pkg Version: 2 SMS_PACKAGE_TRANSFER_MANAGER 12/30/2013 6:00:48 PM 4060 (0x0FDC)
  2. I see this in the Internetproxy.log file on the client machine. <![LOG[Failed to get logged on user token but will continue..., hr 0x800704dd.]LOG]!><time="10:11:20.750+300" date="01-17-2013" component="NetworkProxy" context="" type="3" thread="3552" file="proxyinfo.cpp:580"> <![LOG[Couldn't detect proxy information for the URL: https://SCCM.blah.COM/ccm_system/request]LOG]!><time="10:11:20.750+300" date="01-17-2013" component="NetworkProxy" context="" type="3" thread="3552" file="proxycache.cpp:312"> <![LOG[Couldn't find 'CCM_NetworkProxy' instance for protocol 'https'.]LOG]!><time="10:11:39.921+300" date="01-17-2013" component="NetworkProxy" context="" type="3" thread="1100" file="proxycache.cpp:958"> <![LOG[Couldn't find 'CCM_NetworkProxy' instance for protocol 'http'.]LOG]!
  3. I am in a situation where we want to do a side by side migration where the DMZ (non-domained) clients that are speaking to the DMZ SCCM server will run USMT capture and hold it in the SMP of the DMZ server. Then Lay down the captured files using USMT on the new computer (Also on the DMZ SCCM server) 1st Step create a computer association of source and destination PC on the DMZ server. 2nd advertise the capture to the DMZ Client. 3rd Run restore on destination computer which is also in the dmz. I have set up SMP on the DMZ server. When I go to run the capture on the client I get the following error. Cannot Run Program: The program you have requested is not available because this computer account cannot connect to the private network for your organization. Either use Network Connections in the control panel to establish a connnection to the network at your work place, or take the computer back to your organization and try to run the software again. I am using SMP USMT in my domain environment good. In the task sequence of the DMZ server I have the USMT options when editing it for the capture and restore task sequences. I am not the person who originally set up the DMZ server so not sure what it is looking for. The same client can recieve other packages from the DMZ server and is getting the option to do the capture via Run advertised programs. I have looked at the mpcontrol.log and 2 SMP logs on the server and am not really seeing any errors. Not sure if this is possible but please if anyone has any feed back or thoughts for me to try I would be greatfull! Thanks, Craig Blake
  4. Thanks BB24 putting the "s" in front of the site code did the trick!
  5. I have downloaded tsenv2.exe I created a package with trhe file in it. I am adding a run command task sequence that points to the package, in the command line I am typing tsenv2.exe set _smstssitecode=XXX I have tried to place this task sequence in different locations, before the image applies, after it applies, before the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr, after and I can never get it to assign the site code that I want. I have launched a command prompt durring the install at various poings and hard mapped a to the location where the tsenve file is at and ran tsenv2.exe get _smstssitecode and it is comming back with the correct one I am setting it to. Is there something I am missing? Thanks, Craig B.
  6. 1st off I hope this is the correct Forum for such topic. I have a program that has multiple steps the first task sequence installs someting to "c:\program" Directory. The second Needs to call the program from the C:\Program\program.exe against a directory with files in it within the package. For my command line I have tried C:\program\program.exe -p %~dp0\directory\directory C:\program\program.exe -p "%~dp0\directory\directory" C:\program\program.exe -p \\smsserver\smspkgd$\000etcpkg\directory\directory I have created a bat file SETLOCAL Set thisdir = %~dp0 C:\program\program.exe -p %thisdir%\directory\directory Nothing ever works. Does anyone know how to from a create a program within a package that tells SCCM to run the local program from the C:Drive but get additional needed files from within the Install software task sequence that has a package Specified? Any help or Thoughts will be tested. Thanks, Craig Blake
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