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  1. hi, im looking for a detailed step by step guide to deploy a private cloud and integrate it with App Controller for my developers to start building their own VMs i am using Server 2012 R2, VMM 2012 R2 and App Controller 2012 R2. unfortunately i have not been able to get a decent content to see how it works. and VMM networking is not that simple to understand (for me atleast) have any one of you guys got an existing content that i can refer to?
  2. i have had the same issue and received 80004005 error. it turns out that the task sequence was not using the path that was specified on the state migration point. for this to work, i had to specify a variable on capture user files stage. insert the variable OSDStateStorePath and specify the shared drive where you would like to store the User state data. make sure that you ahve given read/write access to the server account and also the network access account. hope it helps. Ashneel Bhan
  3. guys, i have imported computer information and also created the source computer details. once done, i can go into USM view and can see the computer association. once i start the new computer and deploy the OS, the USM kicks into action, however, a new association is created in User State Migration where the source and destination computer names are the same. i do not want this, as i have already created the association when importing the computer into sccm. how can i avoid this?
  4. Hi guys, this is the most helpful forum i have ever visited and mostly because of the detailed configuration. i have one difficulty of using USMT in sccm 2012. this is what i want to do: boot in PXE, copy User state files to migration point on server. install OS, install applications, and copy back the user state files. errors, log and task sequence is attached. greatful for any help. PS: i would really like to have the user state stored on the migration point rather then the local drive. if anyone can run me through it please. by the way: i would like to use by UDA relationship that i c
  5. Got an issue with MS office 2010 deployment. created a package on deployed it. clients can see the package and installs it silently. (i can see setup.exe running in task manager). but its gets stuck there. last of the logs show: [Running "C:\Windows\ccmcache\1\setup.exe" with 32bitLauncher]LOG]!><time="13:38:06.814-720" date="08-03-2012" component="execmgr" context="" type="1" thread="3792" file="scriptexecution.cpp:364"> <![LOG[Created Process for the passed command line]LOG]!><time="13:38:07.545-720" date="08-03-2012" component="execmgr" context="" type="1" thread="379
  6. i am using SCCM 2012 as Software Update point and cannot find the proxy settings for downloading updates. this is not the RC version, but the full release. not sure where it has disappeared?
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