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  1. Hi My first post, and I have to say, I should visit the site more often for many reasons! Anyweb - Its been a while, you may remember me from Clan -DwD-, WasTed here! and prior to that HTAS! Anyway nice site plenty of good stuff going on here. My issue is this, I have a number of users connecting to virtual PC's from site G, this is over a BT Etherlink! The response time from this site is 180ms, but for the most part RDP to the machines is fine and usable. Connecting to site D for the Virtual PC's that connect to a SQL database at Site F, either Via a Web application Server hosted from Site F, or from the the Virtual PC site D. The two methods of connectivity to the application are different and the Fat client on the VM is the preferred method. The issue is that that a process that the process takes 3 minutes when connecting from site W, but up to 12 minutes when performing the same task from site G. Site G has a latency of 24ms to site D. Does the number of transactions multiplied by the latency have an impact on SQL transactions over RDP? My assumption was that only IO was communicated to and from the remote site to the VM. Any assistance would be appreciated. The VM's don't have local mapped drives, links or printers. I have taken Wireshark, can't make head nor tale of it! Regards Ted, AKA -DwD-WasTed, AKA Lee Barnes
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