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  1. What's on your mind? my money lol

  2. Hey can i ask have you made sure that you winpe.wim has the network driver loaded to it. Make sure you update your distrabution points also. I had this same issue and put in the network and the storage drivers. This seemed to work for me.
  3. Could you also put them in their own collection or a seperate collection for them. Then just target the collections you want making seperate advertisement for those collections.
  4. No It is SCCM 2007. I think i may know what caused the issue. I had made the advetisement before the I had distributed it. Do think that that could be the issue. That some one clicked on the advertisement as it was uploading to the distribution points.
  5. How can I test and see if my wim file is corrupt? I have been trying to load it in sccm and SCCM 2007 fails and I want to see what the problem is.
  6. I looked and see i have had 45 views but no one has commented. Does any one have any ideas on this issue. All help is appreciated.
  7. Trevor, Do you think updating my distribution points may resolve the issue? I am using the same process with my other images and after 3 hours of testing they seem to be working fine. I looked at the machine for that smsts.log and was not able to find it on that machine, is there a way to find this on my sccm server and where would I look on the server to find it? The PXE did start working again on that unit after about 30min. I am still wondering why and will check out the site you recommended by Jason Sandys. Thank You
  8. SCCM 2007

    1. sekhar


      Hi LespaulFender...

      I am also working on SCCM 2007 and i am new to this...

      Please help me how to troubleshoot...

      Have a Nice Time

  9. I have been able to start an image I I have created. I get the F12 then PXE boot F12. I then Log in and select the new image I have created. The image kicks off fine but then I get a red X and the error: Task Sequence: (Image name) has failed with the error code (0x80070570). For more information, please contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator. I also then can not redo F12 and restart the process for testing. need some help.
  10. Edie , I have also found this happens if you add drivers to your boot image. I have 3 and one we use regularly. Once I do this and update the Distribution Points or manage to push out to the ones needed. It works the problem I have is that my Update and Manager Distribution Points takes forever. I hope this helps with some more info even though it sounds like your question was answered. Les
  11. I just set off my manage Distribution points for my newly created Captured image. I loaded and put it in to the Operating System Images. Is it normal to take down the rest of my PXE Booting ability till that is done? I have noticed this is the current case. I also can do no work in SCCM since it is slow\locked right now. How often do I need to update Distribution Points? What dictates this and why? My environment is existing but I am only a week in. The person that created it is no longer with us and was the SCCM expert, so I am learn on the fly. School starts for us in 3 weeks and I have to have these images up and tested by Aug 8th. I can go through the process I do if any one would like to review to see if I am missing anything or if there is a better way. Cheers, Les
  12. I have just captured a new image for deployment and added it to the Operating System Images Folder. The task sequence I mad eis a copy of an old one updated with the new OS Image. I am waiting to do the advertisement and to have some questions answered about drivers. The computers this image deploys to varies Dell optiplex 520, 745, 755, 760, 780, 790, Latitudes 6500, 6510, 6520, and Lenovo T520, W520, M71z, and M90z. My issue is for the previous task sequence I had the image did not get the video drivers for the M71z, T520, and W520. I am not sure on the whole driver process as I am new to this and could use some help at getting this done. Then how do I apply these drivers to other task sequences or is it automatic once I have put htem in? I also have the issue that when I manage distrabution points it takes for ever, around 3 to 4 hrs to do this and same if I update. I am sure this all really simple and I missing something and would appriciate any help I could get. Thanks Corey
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