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  1. Hello, I am running SCCM 2012 SP1 on Windows Server 2012, with Windows 8 clients, and Office 2013. When I configured my SUP, I could only choose up to Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, and Office 2010. How can I get SCCM to roll out updates for the latest versions? I really don't want to have to go back to WSUS, but I am running out of options..
  2. So do we still need to a do a build and capture? I thought the main point of doing this (rather than just distributing a Windows 8 image) is the fact that it would install to d:\ Thanks
  3. The link at the top of this page is going to the wrong link, it is going here: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/369056-suggestion-please-add-the-ability-to-save-a-post-as-draft-like-in-wordpress/
  4. When creating further deployment schedules from the template, I presume I select the existing Deployment Package, rather than creating a new one for each?
  5. When I change the task sequence, do I need to do anything else (like distribute content)?
  6. Hi anyweb. This is a great series. I have been away from SMS/SCCM since SMS2003, so this is a really good introduction back into it. Quick question though, why are you using the 32-bit boot image rather than the 64-bit one?
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