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  1. Hello, all. This is my first post here, and I'm in need of some assistance from some System Center experts. We are looking at possibly deploying Internet Based Management in our SCCM 2012 environment, but it looks like we can't do it when we push the upgrade from 2007 to production. We do NOT have Internet Based Management in our current SCCM 2007 environment. The scenario we would most likely use is having the MP in our intranet and using a reverse proxy server with PKI to allow Internet clients to authenticate into our network. We have an F5 that would handle the traffic coming in, and the incoming https connections would terminate there and then be sent from the F5 back to the internal MP. Question 1) Can we do this after our SCCM 2012 environment is up and running in production? If so, what do we need to do to make it happen? Should we go ahead and create the Workstation Certs and the Web Server Certs now, or can all of the certificate creation wait until we're at the point of setting up Internet Based Management? Question 2) Will any roles need to be recreated when we implement Internet Based Management if it's done later, or will we need to rework our hierarchy? We want to avoid that as much as possible. Question 3) Can documentation be provided for the above answers (i.e. technet or something similar)? Thank you SO MUCH. I appreciate it!! Sarah
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