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Found 15 results

  1. hi i need to deploy server certificate to a domain witch have no CA in the AD ( external domains) i have several domains all have SCCM client ( install the sccm cert manually ) i have created a template in my root CA - no problem deploy it with GPO autoenrollment in my domain now i need anther Cert witch is server authentication where there is a way to deploy it witch SCCM ? thank you roni
  2. hi is there a way to find/display specific certificate that is on client side is there and rdl for the sccm report server ? can i see the certificate in resource explorer ? roni
  3. Good afternoon, Is there a built-in Alert or Report (or one that can be made simply enough) to send an email (or notify in the console) that the Distribution Point certificate is expiring within 30 days? Is this possible? Thanks! Jesse
  4. Hi All, First at all, Its a pleasure to sign in to this Forum. Thanks for your support! I'm working on a secured environment and trying to install SCCM CB 1902 for a demo purpose and are stucking on an error during SCCM install on step "Generating self signed certificate on SQL Server..." My insfrastructure: - AD DC Windows Server 2016 with System Management container created and respective permissions asigned - Remote SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016. SQL service account with Admin Rights SCCM computer account with local Admin Rights and sysadmin
  5. Hello WN community! I have a bit of stumper I was hoping to get some feedback on! Let me know what you think... Scenario: We're running SCCM 2012 now for a little over a year, problem free. We've noticed however, that randomly (about 10 out of 1000 clients) the SCCM Client is reporting that the PKI certificate is none. What's stranger still, is that in the ClientIDManagerStartup.log, it doesn't appear to have an issue detecting and selecting the PKI certificate... Directly after the client selects the Cert, the ClientIDManagerStartup.log fills up with this repeating for ages
  6. My company is going through an exercise to retire all of the SHA-1 certificates in the environment due to its upcoming EOL date by MSFT. One of the larger pools of devices using a SHA-1 cert are the end user devices, which use a self-signed SHA-1 certificate when using RDP. Most of the info i've found online so far only discuss how to force this cert to use SHA-1 with registry edits, but nothing about SHA-2. Has anyone gone through this exercise yet? If not you may need to soon. Looking for some technical pointers on how to accomplish this. Also, we currently use the self-signed cert
  7. We have a small number of servers in our DMZ all are in their own workgroups so no knowledge of each other. They are also not all internet connected so patches must be pushed from internal to DMZ. I noticed this post https://nikifoster.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/installing-configmgr-clients-on-servers-in-a-dmz/ which states as long as I have firewall rules inplace I can manually install the clients and have them talk directly back to my site server internally no certificates required. I was also looking at https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/f8b1b51e-515e-41f6-bb1e-cdeeabb11f
  8. Hi Folks! Yesterday I encountered a problem, where laptop refuses to register to configmanager 2012 site. On the host ClientIDManagerStartup.log is filled with "[RegTask] - Server rejected registration request: 3" errors and on the management point MP_RegistrationManager.log says: "A client is trying to re-register with an administrator revoked certificate:" On the console I found MP_control_manager screaming "MP has rejected policy request from Client(SMSID = GUID:x) because this SMSID is marked as blocked." However, on the devices, the block/unblock/approve is greyed. have t
  9. Hi, We have recently noticed that the client has stopped automatically installing onto laptop/desktops. We have had everything run successfully for over 6 months and I have spoken with other administrators and nothing appears to have changed on the domain. Once imaged you can see within C:\Windows that the 'ccmsetup' folder has been copied across but not further action has taken place. In order for the client to install correctly with Endpoint Protection I have to manually run the client.exe file. After this process Endpoint Protection is installed and I can see SCCM now states the
  10. Hello, I am trying to install Jabber using SCCM. Prerequisite for Jabber is a small application from cisco which adds another network interface. This application has a certificate which needs to be added to Trusted Publishers during the installation. I exported this certificate from an .msi and I am trying to add it before installing the software. My script looks like this: CertUtil -f -addstore “TrustedPublisher” "Cisco_certificate.cer" >> c:certutil.log msiexec /i "msi_setup-3-2-4-0-6831.msi" /qn /norestart According to certutil.log certificate is succesfully installed.
  11. Hallo everyone, i try to setup the RC2. The Prerequisite Check went OK, but if i click on begin install the setup breaks after 19 Seconds during: Generating puplic key and SQL Server certificate In the ConfigMgrSetup.log are 2 errors: ERROR: Failed to get the buffer size for LookupAccountName. Error = 1722 ERROR: Failed to get SID for user (DOMAIN\sqladmin) Can someone help me? Best wishes Johannes
  12. Hello, all. This is my first post here, and I'm in need of some assistance from some System Center experts. We are looking at possibly deploying Internet Based Management in our SCCM 2012 environment, but it looks like we can't do it when we push the upgrade from 2007 to production. We do NOT have Internet Based Management in our current SCCM 2007 environment. The scenario we would most likely use is having the MP in our intranet and using a reverse proxy server with PKI to allow Internet clients to authenticate into our network. We have an F5 that would handle the traffic coming i
  13. I am having great problems trying to install SCCM 2012 client onto a computer with a network connection to the internet, but NOT a member of a domain. i am using the PKI setup within SCCM2012 and have created a RootCA and deployed certificates throughout the local AD and assigned to Group Policies. The machines on the local AD network which receive the policies seem to have a great "handshake" and end up connecting to SCCM and appearing in the main console. Laptops, Computers that are roaming, and not part of my local AD Network are not having such a good time. i believe it is the Certific
  14. Hi! I have a certificate question. I have an Exchange 2007 server with a selfsigned cert. Now i want to secure it with a 3rd party certificate. I wonder what domain names I need to buy the certificate for? Do I need a third party certificate for the internal name? (mailserver.domain.local) or just for the external stuff, like: mail.domain.com webmail.domain.com I have several mail domains on the same server do I need certificate for them all? mail.domain2.com webmail.domain2.com Or just the "main" mail domain? /Lagrot
  15. Hi, I am currently deploying machines over 802.1x network and am using user authentication to achieve this, however I found one problem. The computer being deployed does not retrieve machine certificate until sometime after the OSD has finished. I have created a vbscript that creates an inf file (putting the hostname into the inf file). Then I use certreq to create the request, submit and accept cert from the enterprise CA. This is all done in my win7 deployment task sequence while in current OS (not Winpe). I have tested this on a computer that has been deployed and it works fine.
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