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  1. Hi Folks! We are building a new SCCM CB environment, and planned to use DFS for content source. At the moment, contetnt source folder hierary is kept on large NAS system and CM related servers. Is there any known things we should avare of? What DFS can hold and what not, ie. Driver package store, Update pkg store, MDT share... Thanks for adwice! ~T
  2. Yes. Content validation is enabled on all distribution points for every saturday. Most dp servers has packages in the PENDING state, even validation runs smoothly without problems. Some DP i have to redistribute packages, like software updates almost every time.... I have scheduled a new validation on all packages now after patch tuesday and network outtages. On
  3. Hi, Did you resolve this one? Having same issue, SCCM 2012R2 sp1+cu2. Could of course create +400 new application objects, apptypes, deployments, but.... ~T
  4. I know. Too much to do and still so much time to monitor SCCM environment.... But still, thanks. ~T
  5. Managed to solve the problem with an expert. It seems that there was a kind of "blockage". Couple packages was flagged with "progress" status on Distribution point configuration status -> DP -> details tab. After package redistribution, the image was transferred and applied fine. I have validated all content on every DP at last weekend and redistributed some packages showing error. However summary tab still shows warning and there is only one message (more than one month old) stating: """" Failed to retrieve the package list on the distribution point ["display=\xxDP1.fqdn.lan"]MSW
  6. Nothing I could mention. Disabled (Microsoft) QOS Packet scheduler on adapters properties if it interfers somehow. Asked our network team to inspect switch in differnet offices Theyt said, some single packet drops ( of 10 billion packets), but happens also there, where image trasnfer is Ok.
  7. Yes I have - as I told in ms forum side. Before friday, smsdpmon.log shows "Failed to find algorighm ID from registry. Use default algorithm" error. However, after re-installing DP role it disappeared. I updating or validating package does not show any additional message. I can use hashdir (or other equivalent) tool to verify that .WIM file is same in package source and DP, but after it is transferred to client in WinPE, (and copied to .another pc since x64 winpe can not execute 32bit executables), checsu is not equal. File size still equals... I can of course use package share option
  8. I have uninstalled all security products from DP and site servers ealier. Also re-installed the DP role, but did not helped for this problem.
  9. Hi there! Having huge problem with OS deploy after downloading WIM file, ts manager stops for incorrect hash 0x80091007 error. I have tested lot of things, but still hope, that I don't need to reinstall production environment. Image is valid, removed, updated, verified, scanned, hash remains same (using hashdir.exe, md5 or sha checksuming tools) in source and DP, but after TS manager copies it by http, hash is no more same. This happens, even I have created brand-new image.... For reference, http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/8599b710-65e6-46a8-a462-a505e735c
  10. Hi, I'm attempting to construct a report, which counts computers by Active directory Ou in sccm 2012sp1. So far I have found only http://www.systemcentercentral.com/sccm-reportingadding-the-system-ou-as-a-column/ as a reference, but for some reason the following query SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT COUNT(sys.Netbios_Name0) AS Computers, (SELECT TOP (1) System_OU_Name0 FROM dbo.v_RA_System_SystemOUName AS ou2 WHERE (ou.ResourceID = ResourceID) AND (LEN(System_OU_Name0) = MAX(LEN(ou.System_O
  11. Hi, I'm trying to implement a kind of menu for SCCM managed WDS pxe using pxelinux. I found this thread, and wondering, if you got it to work. The problem I have on the lab environment is that every time only SCCM boot.wim is booted, no pxelinux menu is given, and the boot goes to sccm boot wim image. I have changed the dhcp option value 067 (bootfile name) to boot\x86\pxelinux.com (or smsboot\x86\pxelinux.com) and copied/renamed files to right SMSboot folder. also tied to execute wdsutil /set-server //bootporgraM:boot\x86\pxelinux.com /arcitehture:ARCH wdsutil /set-server /N12
  12. Hi Folks! Yesterday I encountered a problem, where laptop refuses to register to configmanager 2012 site. On the host ClientIDManagerStartup.log is filled with "[RegTask] - Server rejected registration request: 3" errors and on the management point MP_RegistrationManager.log says: "A client is trying to re-register with an administrator revoked certificate:" On the console I found MP_control_manager screaming "MP has rejected policy request from Client(SMSID = GUID:x) because this SMSID is marked as blocked." However, on the devices, the block/unblock/approve is greyed. have t
  13. Hi Peter, Same problems here with ealier java 7 versions. have a look: http://www.trekker.net/archives/how-do-i-disable-java-updates-with-group-policy/ In our production environment it seems to work as expected. ~Tuomas.
  14. Hi Folks! Thanks for CM2012, we can now manage software depencenies. However, how to determine for spesific Microsoft update? Example: App-V 5 client requires (http://technet.micro...y/jj713458.aspx) - .Net framework 4. this is a standalone installer, no problem. - Powershell 3 installed. The Powershell is part of "Windows Management Framework 3.0", wich can be deployed using software updates. http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=34595 - KB2533623. So How to detect installation of spesific update? I don't wish to reinvent the wheel, so if someone have allready made thislike depndenc
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