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  1. hi is there a way to find/display specific certificate that is on client side is there and rdl for the sccm report server ? can i see the certificate in resource explorer ? roni
  2. Good afternoon, Is there a built-in Alert or Report (or one that can be made simply enough) to send an email (or notify in the console) that the Distribution Point certificate is expiring within 30 days? Is this possible? Thanks! Jesse
  3. Hi all, I've tried and failed miserably! to work out how to do this using the Report Builder. Could anyone possibly help with creating an SQL query to create a deployment report which includes the Administrative Category? Example: Application Name, Application Administrative Category, Target Collection, Success, In Progress, Fail, Requirements not met, Unknown. Would really appreciate any assistance. Thanks
  4. Did you know that Enhansoft is giving away a free report set on Software Update Health? Check out the blog about it. https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/software-update-health-dashboard-set-special-microsoft-ignite-giveaway They give away something every month too! https://giveaway.enhansoft.com/ Keep in mind that I do work for them too.
  5. Hello, I'm looking on how to create a custom report based on the default report of 'Compliance 1 - Overall Compliance' however I'm looking to just select the update group and then have predefined collections to report against, something like this: Collection Compliance (%) Not Compliant (%) Compliance Unknown 4 69.23% 5 80.00% 6 95.00% 7
  6. Don’t miss out on a Free report giveaway for ConfigMgr! https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/asset-intelligence-computer-details-is-june-2017s-free-configmgr-report The Asset Intelligence Computer Details report is a brand new report! This report is designed to fill the gap created by ConfigMgr’s built-in AI reports. We heard that you wanted to see both the normalized and true product name software titles in one report, so you’ve got it! If you’re asking why you would need this information the answer is simple. Have you ever tried to determine who has SQL Server
  7. Hello, How can I modify the report Software 06A to return the ACTUAL version? Basically, I want to get an overall view of how many computers have (Flash in this case) version installed or (for example). Can someone help me with this? Or Is there another existing report that will do this for me?
  8. I have a working SQL query courtesy of Eswar Koneti (https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/SCCM-Configmgr-2012-SSRS-c482cca2/). Due to being new to SQL/SSRS custom report building, I am struggling with trying to limit the scope of these results to a specific collection. What I would like to do is add a statement in the query to limit the results to a specific collection ID(s). I am not looking to make a drop down of collections in the report. Here is what I have so far: SELECT COUNT (Total.Name0) AS 'Total Clients', COUNT (office2003.Name0) AS 'Office 2003', COUNT (Office2007.Name0)
  9. Hi, the build in report "User device affinity associations per collection" doesn´t list the "OSD Defined" relationships. We are using powershell to import computers and set the UDA relationship with the following command: Invoke-WmiMethod -Namespace root/SMS/site_$($SiteCode) -Class SMS_UserMachineRelationship -Name CreateRelationship -ArgumentList @($WksResourceID, 6, 1, $User) -ComputerName $SiteServer The console shows the relationship and software deployment works well. If we change the parameter "source" from "6" (OSD Defined) to "2" (Administrator Defined) the report lists the re
  10. Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know that this month's free report giveaway is Patch Compliance Progression by Collection For each PC within a collection, the Patch Compliance Progression by Collection report will provide you with a count of missing software updates (patches) and the last hardware inventory date. The deployed state report parameter allows you to select the deployed state of the software update. The deployed states are: Yes – The effected software update is deployed within your environment No – The effected software update is NOT deployed within your environment Both
  11. NOTE: Cross posted to Technet Forums I have used the Dell Client Integration Pack to import warranty data into SCCM. I imported their Warranty report which gives me information on all Dell systems in the database. How can I go about limiting this report to return data only from a specific collection? SELECT v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.Name0 AS Name, DellWarrantyInformation.Service_Tag AS [serial Number], DellWarrantyInformation.Build, DellWarrantyInformation.Region, DellWarrantyInformation.LOB AS [Line of Business], DellWarrantyInformation.System_Model AS [system Model],
  12. Can someone help me with a report that shows the individual patch sizes for a deployment? I can't seem to find any view that shows size. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I'm looking to create a Report in SCCM 2012 R2. Trying to find a way to display all successfully installed computers for a specific domain, at a set date (ex. 01.01 to 30.03). It needs to exclude all failed task sequences and only show a MAC-address once (preferrably the active one). Also if possible, it would be great to show detail like: Computername, Domainname, MAC-address, Last logged on user, last logon date, Installdate / createdate Conclusion: the idea is to create a PDF of quarterly OS deployed computers. Anyone who could help me out here? Really appr
  14. I'm trying to generate a custom report in SCCM 2012 R2 but am having a bit of trouble getting things working. The report needs to show all Security Updates that have been Deployed but are still showing as Required on servers. I would like it to have a separate entry for each applicable security update and the server that it is applicable to. When I've been searching for how to do this, a lot of people have said that the report will be so big that it won't be usable, but this is for a vulnerability remediation tracking document and it's exactly the format that we need. For the most part, our en
  15. Good Morning All, I am no wizard with SQL or even SCCM reporting, I have dabbled but that's about it... I am looking for a report which will tell me which applications, and which programs do not have any deployments? Can anyone help? Thanks John Rickard
  16. I've looked around a bit but have yet to come up with a good query or report to show the number of physical processors on our servers. Can anyone help?
  17. I'm Having a little trouble writing a report. My goal is to report back the following fields: Last Time the Hardware inventory was run, Computer Name, Asset Tag (Bios Serial Number), IP Address, Operating System, OS Service Pack level, time the computer was Last Rebooted, Last Logged in User, Domain Name, OU, and AD Site. I've managed to gather most everything but I'm getting duplicate entries. My report returns over 13000 rows when I only have 6000 clients. Much of this is coming from the IP Address field since if the computer has an IPv6 address it returns another row. Below is my q
  18. hello I want to give you my appologize for my horrible english ( i'm french) I need help for a report on sccm2012 i want to create a report for view the state of application deployement for one user (success, error,requierement not met, unknown) could you help me please ?
  19. I need a report showing a list of SCCM Collection and the number of computers in each Collection within our environment. Does anyone have a report or query like that I can use? I can't find a standard report like that in SCCM 2012 SP1.
  20. Guys, I'm trying to run a report to tell which computers have Dropbox installed on them, so naturally I use the "Computer with a specific product". I run it and the report is generated, but it includes computers that don't have Dropbox anymore or that might have had it installed at some point. I wanted to just get a list of the ones that currently have it installed. Next I tried "Computers with specific software registered in Add Remove Programs" but that returns nothing, just blank. I tried %dropbox% in the title and such but t no avail. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. T
  21. Afternoon Everyone, I am trying to create a report in CM 2012 R2 which will report the OUs which machines are a member of. I want to limit this so that I can select a specific collection and it will report that. I have found various things online and followed quite a few, but I am in no way a SQL master Would it be possible for someone to have a gander at the attached and see what I am going wrong with - I think it is something to do with altering the Getting_the_ous query to encompass the collectionID. When I run it at the moment I can pick a collection and I can then click v
  22. I have a collection based on an AD OU of users. I need to report on which computers those users are logging into. I have found a lot of reports that look at computer collections, but non that query user collections. Thanks
  23. Hello, i use the following query to get a license report but i´m not quite happy with the result and don´t know how to edit it. declare @ChannelCode varchar(32) select @ChannelCode = 'All' declare @ProductName nvarchar(255) select ProductName, FamilyName, VersionCode, coll.Name, MAX(VersionSequence) as VersionSequence, MAX(ChannelCode) as ChannelCode, count(distinct ilp.ResourceID) as InventoryCount from dbo.vInventoriedLicensedProduct ilp left join v_FullCollectionMembership fcm on ilp.ResourceID = fcm.ResourceID left join v_Collection coll on fcm.CollectionID = coll.CollectionID
  24. Hey Guys, I am in the need of a query , report or script that will generate a list of all of the applications that use a specific version of Java. I've used report Software 01A and as it does give me all of the versions of software I need to know what applications actually have a dependency on these versions of Java. My fellow SCCM admins out there I know this is a unique request, but if anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. Thanks!
  25. Good morning, I have printers set for inventory on my SCCM 2012 environment. I need to run a query on all USB/LPT connected printers in the district. Can someone please help me with a query/report or something that I can run that will give me a list of all printer models that have been collected from all my clients? This will help me in collecting drivers while we go forward with our district-wide windows 7 migrations. Many thanks!
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