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  1. Hello and Thank you for this tutorial. It's been extremely helpful. I'm stuck right now on Step 3 of part 7. It states to right click on the Boot Images so we can enable PXE. At what point did we even create the Boot Images and how did we import the Boot Images? What were the steps? Also I'm in the Add Boot Image Wizard and I've created an x64 boot.wim from Winpe using dism and I entered the path to the boot.wim but the "Select a Boot Image from the specified WIM file" field remains blank and it has a red exclamation point beside it. It will not populate. Can you help out with this? Maybe I've missed something.
  2. I'm looking for a way to deliver all available applications to the desktop support team so it will be available when they visit a customers desk. We have applications that aren't available to all users or user groups however we want all of those applications made available to the desktop support group when they visit the customer. We do have User Device Affinity enabled. Consider the scenario where a manager logs onto a subordinates workstation temporarily, if the system is not designated as his primary device, any applications specifically targeted at the managers primary devices will not be available to him on that system. The best solution I've come up with is to create an AD Security group, add the desktop support team to the security group, make that group available in SCCM 2012 then deploy all applications as available to this group. However when I do this sometimes all of the applications do not show up for the desktop technician. What is the best practice for achieving this goal?
  3. Can you explain how this is done? I'd like to set up multiple Maintenance Windows set at different times for one Collection.
  4. Is it possible to set up multiple maintenance windows on one collection or is the solution to set up multiple collections and set up maintenance windows for each collection?
  5. I'm actually looking for a report that tells me how many Collections I have and the count of computers in those Collections so that I can build a Deployment Plan to distribute Software to those Collections.
  6. I need a report showing a list of SCCM Collection and the number of computers in each Collection within our environment. Does anyone have a report or query like that I can use? I can't find a standard report like that in SCCM 2012 SP1.
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