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  1. Many thanks for your post. What I have already is effectively two separate SQL queries. I am unable to work out how to join the two tables together so that the Administrative Category is displayed with the deployment summary information: SELECT v_DeploymentSummary.SoftwareName ,v_DeploymentSummary.CollectionName ,v_DeploymentSummary.NumberSuccess ,v_DeploymentSummary.NumberInProgress ,v_DeploymentSummary.NumberUnknown ,v_DeploymentSummary.NumberErrors ,v_DeploymentSummary.NumberOther ,v_DeploymentSummary.NumberTotal FROM v_DeploymentSummary and SELECT v_LocalizedCategories.CategoryInstanceName FROM v_LocalizedCategories Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, I've tried and failed miserably! to work out how to do this using the Report Builder. Could anyone possibly help with creating an SQL query to create a deployment report which includes the Administrative Category? Example: Application Name, Application Administrative Category, Target Collection, Success, In Progress, Fail, Requirements not met, Unknown. Would really appreciate any assistance. Thanks
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