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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know that this month's free report giveaway is Patch Compliance Progression by Collection For each PC within a collection, the Patch Compliance Progression by Collection report will provide you with a count of missing software updates (patches) and the last hardware inventory date. The deployed state report parameter allows you to select the deployed state of the software update. The deployed states are: Yes – The effected software update is deployed within your environment No – The effected software update is NOT deployed within your environment Both
  2. I am happy to announce that you can now pre-order my new book entitled, System Center Configuration Manager Reporting Unleashed. What I love about this book is that there are so many demonstrations. These demonstrations help reinforce the topics discussed within the chapters. Reporting Unleashed will show you from start to finish how to create a ConfigMgr report. Best practices for report design and creating report templates are noted, and all of the listings, code snippets and RDLs can be found within the online content. There is even a section on how to create Role-Based Admin
  3. Hi guys, I've got an issue that I'd like to run by you if I may? I deployed a CAS to a Windows 2008 R2 server and used the default instance on a SQL 2008 R2 SP2 server. This worked just fine with SPNs registered for both FQDN and NETBIOS. The issue arises when I try to use a named SQL instance on the same server as the default instance to deploy a Primary server to. The installer reports that it is unable to hit this server and given that the default instance is using Port 1433, I can see why. How do I prep this instance for SCCM and install the primary to it? Thanks, I
  4. Hi guys, I wondered if someone here can provide clarity regarding update sources for the SCEP client as I've hit a brick wall this side of the wire! We have implemented the EPP role, configured AMW policies and deployed, setup ADR and tested and up until recently had no issues with SCEP or AMW update functionality. The SCEP clients are now failing to update their definitions. The updates sources, and order, are: 1. SCCM 2. Microsoft Update Clients fail to update and provide the following error: CODE: 0x8024402c MESSAGE: System Center Endpoint Protection couldn't install t
  5. Greetings! Recently I was tasked with working on our MS True-up. I have imported our information from the MVLS and I am even able to pull the report. My problem is, the report is not very clear. I am supposed to give totals but here is the columns of information that I have to select from: Family Name | Version | Effective Licenses | Unresolved Licenses | Inventory Count | Initial Diff | Diff. after applying Downgrade Right I need to provide the amount of MS Office Pro Plus installed. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated JL
  6. Hi All, I have a couple of fairly advanced questions: here is my scenario: A user's device has multiple App-V Applications targeted to it (e.g. 15), SCCM will choose a random order to download and install these applications, however one of them fails at the download stage (whether due to boundary issue, content not being found on the DP etc) Because these are required deployments, the option to cancel is greyed out. 1. Does anyone know what the timeout for the application to download the content is? 2. Is there anyway to force the cancellation of the download (e.g. via WMI
  7. I am using the CM12 bitlocker hta and want to incorporate software installation into it. I have a task sequence variable that links up to my sccm2012 repository to install firefox if the task sequence variable OSDFirefox = True My checkbox input looks like this: <input type="checkbox" name="Firefox" value="True" /> Firefox Then I have some vbscript stating: If Firefox.checked Then oTasksequence ("OSDFirefox") = "True" End if However this was not enough as the variable still was not being exported out.. In my javascript I have set to return a confirmation message which should t
  8. I think I made an improper change in my customsettings.ini file and now my computers wont join the domain in the deployment. Where is the settings that joins the pc to the default container Computers OU located? My custom settings.ini file is below. I think my problem lies in the change computername step... [Settings] Priority=Default Properties=MyCustomProperty ; ; You can put this file in the root of MDTFiles instead of MDTSettings (quicker to update everything) ; The Webservice is running on our SCCM server ; ; to learn about how to setup Webservices see ; http://www.windows-noob.com/for
  9. I wanted to put this topic in the main CM2012 forum, but I can't, for some reason. That's why it's posted here. Hello, I was really hoping someone could help me with this. Background information: - We have a CM07 server in a production environment. - I've set up a CM12 RTM server, following the guides in this forum, with the hopes of migrating soon. - I wanted to do OSD from scratch to learn more and to take advantage of new features in CM12. - I have a few virtual machines running for testing OSD/apps (these are the only clients managed by my CM12 server). - Since it's not po
  10. Hi everyone Did you know that Enhansoft is giving way a free SCCM SSRS report each month? Check out the site, this month’s report is Package Home Page. http://www.enhansoft.com/pages/Free-SSRS-Reports.aspx BTW when you are on the site don’t forget to vote to next month’s give-away.
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