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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to push client installation but I receive few errors. Could someone take a closer look into log? ccmslogs.txt
  2. Hi, We have recently noticed that the client has stopped automatically installing onto laptop/desktops. We have had everything run successfully for over 6 months and I have spoken with other administrators and nothing appears to have changed on the domain. Once imaged you can see within C:\Windows that the 'ccmsetup' folder has been copied across but not further action has taken place. In order for the client to install correctly with Endpoint Protection I have to manually run the client.exe file. After this process Endpoint Protection is installed and I can see SCCM now states the
  3. Hi all, Bit of a SSCM noob here, I'm an IT Manager (or IT GP) at a school with a deploymnent of about 800 clients. Since, I believe, I updated our site to CU1 (for SCCM 2012 R2) most of my clients have been stuck in some sort of install/repair loop. I have machines sitting in front of me, checking Task Manager I can see "CCM Insttallation Repair" and "ccmsetup.exe" both running for sometime, then once these clients are done and start getting policy I start seeing some notifications from the Software Centre for various programs etc before it all dissappears and starts the repair process a
  4. Hi, I have been trying to get our OSD setup going for a few months on and off. I have overcome a number of issues by research, but this one just confounds me. When deploying Windows 7 x64 via PXE to new machines, I boot them from PXE, start the TS, and it successfully applies my Win7 x64 image. The TS joins the domain, applies drivers and reboots the machine, at which point it should run the step 'Setup Windows and ConfigMgr.' At this point, on all machines I've tried on, the TS fails. Drilling through the logs, I see the following activity: From ccmsetup.log: Adding file 'h
  5. Hey guys, Going over my new sccm solution, and got a little issue. For servers, i do not want the Application Catalog, and after a talk with some other guys here, we decided we really don't need the Silverlight client for anything else. So i was thinking of installing the SCCM client without the silverlight(since this is only a requirement for App Catalog), as a manual process, this is easy "/Skipprereq silverlight.exe", but due to network policys and ports being locked down, i'm doing a GPO installation of the client. I do not have too much experience with gpo deployments, and i'm t
  6. I am having great problems trying to install SCCM 2012 client onto a computer with a network connection to the internet, but NOT a member of a domain. i am using the PKI setup within SCCM2012 and have created a RootCA and deployed certificates throughout the local AD and assigned to Group Policies. The machines on the local AD network which receive the policies seem to have a great "handshake" and end up connecting to SCCM and appearing in the main console. Laptops, Computers that are roaming, and not part of my local AD Network are not having such a good time. i believe it is the Certific
  7. Hi, I have a task sequence which is working nicely and includes the client install step as normal. However, once the OS has been deployed it doesn't leave behind the CCMsetup folder in System32. I'm not sure if this is normal behaviour but once the OS has been deployed the agents never show up as 'client installed - yes' on the SCCM site server. If you then try to run repair on the client it fails as it cannot find the ccmsetup folder. The task sequence wipes the disk, installs Windows 7 + drivers and then installs a few bits of software so fairly standard. Running SCCM 2007 R3 as a si
  8. I have my boundaries configured correctly and Client Push enabled which deploys the client correctly to 90% of workstations (both XP and Win7) and servers (both 2003 and 2008). However, I've found (in particular with XP machines) the client fails to install. In the Devices list there are quite a few devices that have the correct site code assigned but with no client installed. If I manually try browsing to the client share and run ccmsetup.exe, it copies ccmsetup.exe, ccmsetupexe.download, and ccmsetup.log and that's it. The log only shows errors Failed to get DP locations as the expec
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