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  1. Thanks I'll have a read through that. The thing is when I deploy the OS, its not leaving the ccmsetup folder behind. So like you say, where I would expect to see that folder its not present. quick edit - That link you sent is exactly the status my client is currently in.
  2. Hi, I have a task sequence which is working nicely and includes the client install step as normal. However, once the OS has been deployed it doesn't leave behind the CCMsetup folder in System32. I'm not sure if this is normal behaviour but once the OS has been deployed the agents never show up as 'client installed - yes' on the SCCM site server. If you then try to run repair on the client it fails as it cannot find the ccmsetup folder. The task sequence wipes the disk, installs Windows 7 + drivers and then installs a few bits of software so fairly standard. Running SCCM 2007 R3 as a site server on Server 2008 R2. I'm thinking it could be an issue with the client installer possibly? Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I tracked this down to a network driver issue after I found the wonders of trace32. I switched the 'Auto Apply Drivers' and 'Apply Driver Package' sections around in the task sequence. The sequence I've found works (once the correct drivers are added to the boot image and driver package) is; Partition Disk Apply OS Auto Apply Drivers Apply Driver Package Apply Windows Settings Apply Network Settings Setup windows and ConfigMgr Once these steps completed ok the machine retained an IP address which is wasn't doing after 'Setup windows...' so I now have a nicely captured and sysprepped machine at last. Hope the info helps someone else down the line! Thanks for the info provided by other users.
  4. Thats great, I wasn't aware of all the log locations so thanks for that.
  5. If a task sequence fails to start due to not being able resolve all task sequence dependencies, is there somewhere I can check to find out what dependency its failing on? The SMTS log is not created at this stage of the task sequence, it often seems to happen when I try and run a task sequence too quickly after setting up a software package, I'm just wondering out of interest really. Thanks.
  6. Looks interesting and promising! However, I now feel really daft as I can't work out where to put the switch mentioned! Is that under options on the 'setup windows...' if so, which condition...
  7. Looks like one of those Microsoft 'I'm going to show you an error code that doesn't mean anything' errors... Thanks for the update though, I've actually reinstalled my server due to another issue as I was daft and hadn't taken any snapshots. Will be interesting to see if the same error occurs when I use the same images, the old server was 2008 but I've rebuilt it with 2008 R2 SP1, just finished putting SCCM back on.
  8. Anyone have any ideas or an area I should spend time looking at? Credentials, network shares etc?
  9. Hi, I've been trying to track down the source of a task sequence error 0x80004005. I've browsed the forums regarding this error and tried changing various things about the task sequence such as checking all the agent credentials are correct, checking all packages have been added to the distribution point, removing the license key from the task sequence, removing the install software steps etc. However the error still comes up every time, its probably something very obvious I'm missing! I'm trying to install Windows 7 Pro via the task sequence, a seperate task sequence I created to install Windows XP is successful. The system is a 2007 R3 server and we only have one, I'm trying to run the sequence from the local network. I've attached my smts.txt log in the hopes someone can spot something I've missed. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions. smsts.log Edit - I've found that the task sequence works if you just format and apply an image to a system, any further steps such as 'Apply windows settings' result in the 0x80004005 error.
  10. Hi, is it possible to use SCCM to give network admins a choice of images when using PXE boot? With WDS we were able to log in then choose the correct image for the PC. If this is possible with SCCM any hints would be very appreciated!
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