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  1. It's because the Store apps have updated and this breaks Sysprep. I was speaking with a MS rep at a conference yesterday and they said you've got a few options; 1. Install W10 without a network connection and build the image in this state until the capture 2. Install W10 and set local policy (or registry) to disable the Windows Store (so it doesn't update itself and the built-in apps), then connect it to the network, build the image and remove the GPO/regedit just before capture 3. Nuke the Store and apps by running the steps shown here - https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/5070-how-
  2. How do you do this in Windows 10 because it simply doesn't work and errors out with 0x0004005 at the sysprep stage. Seems you have to remove all MS apps - but what if you don't want to remove all or any of those apps?!!
  3. Okay, here is the ccmsetup.log from a failed images machine. When I was imaging it I took note that the ccmclient started it's install at around 12.57pm, then at 1.01pm it finished and about 15 seconds later it began the Office install (which then fell over as expected. Looking at this log it seems like the client is installing, then reports "An MP does not exist on this machine" followed by "No client is currently installed" and then it begins the installation again. Then right at the end it states "A Fallback Status Point has not been specified" and then it starts deleting all the ccms
  4. Hi rddvls1999, Well it's been a few days but I have had a breakthrough, of sorts. Infact, the breakthrough may have me on the path of resolving three major issues which has plagued me for MONTHS! I don't quite know what I've done (scary, I know) but here's the basic breakdown; It occurred to me that I had been too obsessed with capturing log files whilst the 'hang' was happening. I let a machine image overnight because we had noticed that occasionally the install would timeout and then the machine would complete the TS (sans applications). I grabbed the log files from there and insi
  5. I've had this problem before, had to run this command on the server where you are attempting to do the servicing: dism /cleanup-wim
  6. Texasit, I think I am having a similar issue, how exactly did you correct this? I can't see how to tell my TS to use 'the latest' client version...
  7. Hi guys, Had a machine do this today that we were imaging using PXE (also have another machine that is skipping some app installs, that's using TS media). First time through it imaged but just seemed to skip a bunch of applications (Office and a few others), so we kicked it off again and second time round it hung sometime after it started installing the second application in the list (see attached image of the TS). I did find the smsts.log file this time, it was as suggested in C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Logs - I have attached all the log files I could find. Appreciate your assistance, I'v
  8. Hi Guys, apologies for the late reply, I had kinda given up hope that no one would respond due to this being a bit of an odd issue! rddvls1999, normally I would agree, however, I have tried changing the order of the application installs and it seems to be a problem that trikes after a certain amount of time has passed since the last reboot (after the ccm client install), it's not stuck on a particular application. Also, as I mentioned, it might hang on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd attempts (or more) but then on the next attempt goes through without issue with all applications installed. When it hap
  9. Attached are all the log files from the client... _LOGS.zip
  10. Hi all, I have an error that has plagued me since, I think, upgrading to SCCM 2012 R2. I have a handful of OSD's which I have setup and generally, they all exhibit the same issue at seemingly random times. I could have multiple machines on my bench all using the same OSD and a couple of them will hang during the installation of applications. So, it installs the Windows image, sets up the CCM client, reboots and finishes the client install and then starts installing applications. When it hits about the third or fourth application it just sits there and does nothing for as long as the ma
  11. Hi Niall, Apologies for the tardy reply, have had a hell of a week with our new internet filtering server and so many other things going on (that's the problem with effectively running an IT dept in a school on your own)! Anyway, I did manage to squeeze in a few more tests etc., Before I start on that I'll just cover off on your points/questions; ccmcean is not supported, use ccmsetup.exe /uninstall if you want to uninstall the ccm client for whatever reason ccmsetup.exe /uninstall in my testing didn't seem as thorough as ccmclean - however, more on this in a moment wmi getti
  12. Hi, they are all running WIndows 8.11 x64. Your search turned up the same one I've been spending a bit of time on. The only thing I haven't been able to establish is whether or not CCMCLEAN.exe from the SMS Toolkit 2003 is still a valid option for 2012 R2 clients!? I have also just started testing repairing/rebuilding the WMI repository on some machines with mixed results. As the clients are constantly looping I'm finding it difficult to identify where in that process I can execute commands etc., Very frustrating, would love to wipe the slate clean and start again but I can't, have to
  13. Cool, thanks for the help. So, I have a machine here, it is constantly looping between installed and repairing. Currnetly it is installed and it is running 5.00.7958.1203. I've uploaded some log files from this client here - http://1drv.ms/1nfIlhY I've noticed the ccmsetup.log file resets at some point, hopefully I've caught it with enough info in it. I've begun looking at things such as resetting the WMI repository etc., on a couple test machines but I don't know enough about what's going on to really hone in on the issue(s). Very frustrating as it was working nicely, now I get st
  14. Hi all, Bit of a SSCM noob here, I'm an IT Manager (or IT GP) at a school with a deploymnent of about 800 clients. Since, I believe, I updated our site to CU1 (for SCCM 2012 R2) most of my clients have been stuck in some sort of install/repair loop. I have machines sitting in front of me, checking Task Manager I can see "CCM Insttallation Repair" and "ccmsetup.exe" both running for sometime, then once these clients are done and start getting policy I start seeing some notifications from the Software Centre for various programs etc before it all dissappears and starts the repair process a
  15. Hi guys, I'm having some real problems with this. I'm currently using Config Manager 2012 R2, fully patched. I have a TS setup which deploys to pre-existing clients no problems (it uses their existing computer names), however, unknown computers keep failing. What I've noticed on a new machine when deploying Winodws 8.1 is the following; PXE Boot Select TS Get prompt for OSDComputerName (as previously setup and working in 2012 SP1) Manually specify the machine name TS begins (partitions, applies the image) An 'unknown' device then appears in the All Systems collection After driver packa
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