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  1. Hey , In my case it was proxy. While name was returned in upper case I was getting that error. When I changed it to lowercase it worked out of the box
  2. For all interested in bringing SCCM OSD to next level - source code for Webservices and Console Extensions is now public ! http://itx-solutions.nl/2013/01/code-source-code-for-webservices-and-sccm-console-extensions-available/
  3. Hey , Quite interesting discussion. Let me make quick comment regarding autonaming. In global enterprise where computer name prefix may depend on certain factor like AD site , asset tag , manufacturer .... having a piece of automation that makes installation of OS totally problem free for users is a great thing to have. Thats why I wrote it. regarding the problem mentioned by @TheHasselhoff if you have that list then with name VS MAC address then you are almost done. For example you could have webservice that accepts MAC address and returns name based on that CSV. Refresh scenarion would not be a problem as SCCM knows what is computer name that is running the task sequence (unless you remove that record from DB for refresh scenario - I personally have one task sequence for all departments and new/refresh scenario which makes life much more easier) Also if you have collection with unknown computers and your task sequence advertised there - if you create collection variable called OSDCOMPUTERNAME without any value it will prompt you for computer name instead of using scripts to do that In my previous posts you could seen webservices/console extensions published by me. Today I have published the source code for both. Info is here http://itx-solutions.nl/2013/01/code-source-code-for-webservices-and-sccm-console-extensions-available/ Hope it will help
  4. We have just released updated version - simplified and allowing more granulation on computer name generation happy days
  5. Hey , Quick question - setting SMSTSPreferredAdvertID on collection level - would it do the same job ?
  6. Hello everyone , Some time ago we released console extensions for computer autonaming with desired prefix. Based on feedback we have received we are happy to announce that version 2.0 of our console extensions is available. Detailed information can be found on our website For those who would like to use that style of computer autonaming - but necessarly extend console of SCCM you can use our webservices - detailed information here Sorry we didn't make for Xmas but we are still hoping you will find this a great extension to power of SCCM Thanks Rafal
  7. Hey , It is released in deed. It has been tested and its working as expected. I use it in 3 tier hierarchy with 5 primary sites and over 100 secondary sites and there is no problems with performance at all. If you would have any feedback feel free to contact me R
  8. Hey , The screenshot from GUI is available along documentation here When you reinstall computer SCCM uses current computer name so you do not have to worry about that - however your task sequence would need to distinguish new installation from reinstall ( I use collection variables for that one ) If you have any questions just send me a message - happy to help out R
  9. Hey , I wanted to share with everyone this weeks work which is finally console extension for CM2012 that allows you to have automated computer name generation (directly from TS GUI editor) It is available for review at codeplex page http://itxsolutions.codeplex.com/releases/view/98407 I'm sure this will help you to automate your environment as you exatly want to (or how did u used to using WDS )
  10. I totally agree with you - thats why I have taken my project on codeplex bit further and now have written custom console extension for SCCM that enables you to control autonaming directly from TS GUI editor I just finished that for CM2007 - but I plan to finish the same extension for CM2012 till end of november
  11. Hello everyone , I wanted to share here <hope this is the good forum to do so> my work for community. For the last 2 years I have been trying to perfect operating system deployment with SCCM and automate it as much as possible. However with the requirements of my clients I had to come up with really customized solutions. At the beginning I have developed webservices. But considering changes/pckages updates etc that was not really the way I wanted to finish. this challenged me to create custom SCCM console extension to include RIS style naming (a bit more than just that ) It is available for everyone under my codeplex page http://itxsolutions.codeplex.com I hope you would find it usefull - your feedback / input will be much appreciated
  12. Hey , Just got project that does what you are looking for. Check out http://itxsolutions.codeplex.com/ All feedback much welcome
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