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  1. UPDATE: So I've just implemented a new Win 8.1 Boot Image and - for whatever reason - I was able to add drivers to this image. So I suppose it is something with the installed ADK on the machine. I was able to integrate drivers in that image... strange... best regards
  2. Hi community, I'm quite stuck here and cannot find a solution for my problem. I've just added a new boot image (Win7x64) and all I want to do is "add" drivers to the boot image. So I went to - System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Operating System Deployment / Drivers right clicked the driver and selected add to boot image. But I cannot select a boot image because the list below is just plain empty although I've added boot images (Win7x64 enterprise (Selected the boot.wim image 2 (Microsoft Windows Setup x64)) - this image is deployed and P
  3. Hi, I had the same problem - just set the mentioned Options above.. Option 66 = YOURSERVERNAME (SCCM PXE DP) Option 67 = SMSBoot\x86\wdsnbp.com Hope these informations are correct... To "simplify" things I tend to rename the pxeboot.com file to pxeboot.f12 and then rename pxeboot.n12 to pxeboot.com in your \\YOURSERVERNAME\Reminst\Boot\x86 directory best regards...
  4. Hi, I ran into the same problem and reconstructed the WIM Images from %programfiles%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\OSD\boot That did the trick as well Thanks for your post... best regards
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